Psychology Work Related Driving Policy and Procedures

This Psychology Policy and associated procedures was approved by the Head of Department, Technical Operations Manager and Departmental Administrator on 26th January 2016 and will take effect from 1st February 2016, and forms part of the Health and Safety Policy of the Department and of the University of Sheffield

In summary, the policy states that:
If you are a member of staff or a PhD student in the Psychology department and you plan on driving your own, privately owned vehicle on University business or, if you know of a non staff colleague who is intending on claiming for mileage incurred whilst on University business, then you must observe the following:

  • Please discuss your plans with your line manager/supervisor or the Technical Operations Manager to ensure other options are not more appropriate.
  • If you do intend to drive, you must have 'Business Miles' included on your motor insurance and you must submit a copy of the insurance document.
  • Please present your driving licence to the Technical Operations Manager so a copy can be taken (Photo ID card without the paper document is acceptable).
  • Please complete, sign and return the Driver Registration form - available for download on this page.
  • Please complete, sign and return the Driver Health Declaration form - available for download on this page.

All documents to be presented to the Technical Operations Manager on an annual basis if you continue to drive on University business, in order to ensure your suitability to drive remains unchanged.

If you intend to claim mileage, please complete an Expenses Claim form along with a Record of Mileage form.

If your trip involves a stay overnight, please make sure you have completed the insurance form.

Please click here to view the full policy.