Dr Elizabeth Milne awarded a British Academy mid-career fellowship

Dr Elizabeth Milne has been awarded a mid-career fellowship by the British Academy for 2016-17

Title: Autism spectrum disorder: continuous or dichotomous?

Amount: £182,500

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is estimated to affect up to 1 in 68 of us. Within the general population, individual differences in the traits associated with ASD are correlated with individual differences in cognition, perception and neural function suggesting that ASD occurs on a continuum. This dimensional view of ASD is at odds with the current clinical approach of defining someone as either having, or not having, ASD. This project will investigate the diagnostic boundary of ASD. Key objectives from the project are to develop a deeper understanding of high-functioning ASD, especially when diagnosed in adulthood, and to develop a forum for discussing the implications of the research with a wide audience.