Title: A pilot study to objectively examine the impact of weight stigma on diet, physical activity and sleep

Funding body: White Rose Collaboration Fund

Funding Awarded: £10,997, 1 year starting January 2020

PI: Nicola Buckland;

CI(s): University of Sheffield: Asha Akram, Sam Caton (School of Health and Related Research) & Bernard Corfe (Department of Oncology & Metabolism); University of Leeds (School of Psychology): Mark Hopkins & Cristiana Duarte; University of York (Department of Psychology): Scott Cairney & Marcus Harrington.

Project summary
Obesity is one of society’s greatest challenges with 2/3rds of UK adults being overweight or obese. Weight stigma (anti-fat attitudes, weight-based prejudice and discrimination) is experienced by 54% of adults and deters individuals from engaging in healthy behaviours targeted in obesity interventions (e.g. healthy diets, increased physical activity and improved sleep). However, the existing evidence linking weight stigma to health behaviours is limited to subjective reporting of health behaviours, which are prone to error. There is also no research on the links between weight stigma and sleep. This 30-day pilot study will assess daily weight stigma and objectively assessed diet, physical activity and sleep in women with overweight and obesity. The findings will inform the development of a larger-scaled trial to quantify the impact of weight stigma on health behaviours in adults with overweight and obesity.