Dr Georgina Rowse

BSc (Hons), ClinPsyD, CPsychol.

Department of Psychology

DClinPsy Programme Director

+44 114 222 6574

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Dr Georgina Rowse
Department of Psychology
WB B2b
Cathedral Court
1 Vicar Lane
S1 2LT
  • BSc(Hons) (Sheffield)
  • ClinPsyD (Manchester)
Research interests

My research interests are within the area of young people, this includes research into experiences that have been traditionally conceptualised as psychosis, the role mindfulness can play in wellbeing and identity and health behaviours.

Normalisation and Continuum Model

I am interested in exploring experiences, beliefs and behaviours that in certain contexts are deemed `normal´ and in other contexts labelled as mental health difficulties, specifically psychosis. Research in these areas is important with a view to furthering our understanding of the continuum model of psychosis and in the normalisation of experiences. One recent research project in this area has qualitatively explored the relationship between strong spiritual or religious beliefs and experiences of unusual beliefs or hearing voices.

Cognitive Processes involved in Persecutory Ideas and Paranoia

Much of my research to date has included analysis of the cognitive processes involved in the formation of persecutory ideas and paranoia, across diagnoses and the lifespan. Attributional style and theory of mind, for example, could be viewed as cognitive mediators between early life experience and psychosis, and further work is planned in this area. The relationship between cognitive processes, paranoia and grandoise delusions is also an area I am developing.

Adverse Life Experiences and Resilience

The relationship between traumatic experiences and psychosis is a burgeoning research field, and one that I have a strong interest in. I am interested in how adverse life experiences, both in early childhood or adult life, are coped with. With further research into resilience following social or life adversity, perhaps coupled with more Positive Psychology research in the area of psychosis, a greater understanding of the psychological processes involved can be found.

Substance Use

Continuing the theme of normalization, I am also interested in the relationship between substance use and psychotic experiences, and the role these may have in the self-harm, suicide continuum, we have previously investigated this using Psychological Autopsy methodology.


I am interested in the potential role mindfulness could have in primary schools, how mindful activities could be integrated into the classroom setting and the impact these may have on social wellbeing, amongst other factors.

Young People, Identity and Health Behaviours

An area of research that I am currently developing is in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, where I am interested in the relationship between the diagnosis and identity for young people and how this impacts on their health behaviours.


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Research group

Current postgraduate students

  • Alisa Udachina (DClin Psy): Defensive function of persecutory delusions
  • Charlotte Collins (DClin Psy): The link between executive function and the perceived dismissability of paranoid intrusive thoughts (joiint supervisor with Dr Lisa-Marie Berry)
  • Rosie Dobel-Ober (DClin Psy): Staff-service user relationships on a low secure ward: A multi perspective phenomenological analysis (joint supervisor with Dr Susan Walsh)
  • Jenny Sills (DClin Psy): The effectiveness of a mindfulness-based intervention on well-being, attention, inhibition, cognitive flexibility and mindfulness in primary school-age children: a quantitative study (joint supervisor with Dr Lisa-Marie Berry)
  • Mike Heaver (DClin Psy) - joint supervisor with Dr Lisa-Marie Berry
  • Alice Kent (DClin Psy)
  • Diane Morrison (DClin Psy) - joint supervisor with Dr Lisa-Marie Berry
  • Alex Scott (PhD) - joint supervisor with Dr Thomas Webb
  • Anna Read (PhD) - joint supervisor with Dr Lisa-Marie Berry
  • Crohn's & Colitis UK (previously National Association for Crohn's and Colitis UK). ROWSE, G., Brooks, A., Norman, P., Nirula, P., & Lobo, A. Adolescents experiences of living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. (awarded 2012). £65,000.00
  • WARP (Women Academic Returners Programme). ROWSE, G. (awarded February 2008) £14,000.
  • National Treatment Agency, Department of Health. Oliver, P., Keen, J., ROWSE, G., Mathers, N., & Dorries, C. A Psychological Autopsy Study of Acute Heroin-related Overdoses. (awarded August 2003). £90,000.
Professional activities
  • Committee member on the British Psychological Society (BPS), Committee for the Early Intervention Special Interest (from 2006).
  • Chartered Clinical Psychologist in the NHS from 2004.
  • Academic Referring for British Journal of Psychiatry, Psychology and Psychotherapy; Theory, Research and Practice and Behaviour, Research and Therapy.
  • Departmental Ethics Committee Member.