Dr Liat Levita

BSc, PhD

Department of Psychology

Senior Lecturer in Developmental Neuroscience

+44 114 222 6651

Full contact details

Dr Liat Levita
Department of Psychology
Cathedral Court
1 Vicar Lane
S1 2LT
  • BSc (Hons) University of St Andrews
  • PhD, University of Cambridge
Research interests

I led the Developmental Affective neuroscience lab and am a member of the Neuroscience institute My research work  integrates methods of behavioural psychology and brain imaging (EEG and fMRI) to understand the neurobiological mechanisms underlying processes of emotion and behaviour throughout development, especially during adolescence. Most of our work focuses on normative development. However, we also investigate the effect of early life stress on well-being at different developmental times points. In addition to work focusing on mental health pathologies, specifically functional neurological disorders. In addition, my work now also focuses on the impact of Covid-19 on young people aged 13-24. In addition to examining more widely the impact of COVID-19 on UK citizens. I am the lead Developmental Psychologist for the COVID-19 Psychological Research Consortium study (COVID-19 PRCS), which is mapping changes in behaviour and mental health over time in individuals in the UK since March 2020. Of particular interest is the impact of the pandemic in increasing social, economic and health inequalities and it long term impact on well-being, education and future prospects of young people. 

Research tools/approaches: mental health intervention development, Functional and structural MRI, EEG and psychophysiological measures of emotional reactivity, e.g., electrodermal response (EDA), heart rate, and facial EMG. 


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Research group

Post-doc: Rhianan Ellis

Research Assistant: Natalie Bisal

PhD Students

  • Kubra Ulusoy
  • Joy Adewusi
  • Lily Tyszczuk Smith
  • Tarub Binshalan

DClinical Students

  • Chelsea Cade
  • Laura Hughes
  • Eva Popluska

ESRC. Levita L (PI), Bennett, K, Gibson-Miller J, Bentall, R and Mason L. " Listen to us! The psychosocial impact of COVID-19 on adolescents - A mixed methods studyJune 2021-Jan 2022.

TRIUMPH Network. Levita L (PI), Gibson-Miller J and Mason L. "Reprezent’s On the Level – Covid-19 mental health programme in schoolsFeb 2021-Jan 2022.

UK Research and Innovation. Bentall (PI), Gibson-Miller, Hartman, Levita et al. A longitudinal mixed-methods population study of the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic: Psychological and social adjustment to global threat. June 2020- October 2021.

Teaching activities

I teach on the following modules, on the Undergraduate Psychology degree:

  • PSY1004 - Developmental Psychology
  • PSY331 - Extended Essays

I teach/supervise the following Postgraduate MSc modules/projects

  • PSY6414 – Neuroimaging (Lecturer & Module organiser) 
  • PSY6431 – MSc Research Project in (MSc Cognitive Neuroscience and Human Neuroimaging)
  • PSY6233 – MSc Research Project (MSc in Research methods with/without Advanced Statistics)
Professional activities

Leadership/administrative roles:

  • ED& I Director and ED& I Committee lead.

I sit on the following:

  • Psychology Teaching Committee
  • Psychology Management group
  • Psychology Postgraduate Research Committee
  • Psychology Postgraduate Teaching Committee
  • Staff Student Committee
Public Engagement and Media

Read the latest updates in the media from the ESRC-funded COVID-19 Psychological Research Consortium Study here.  I and our members feature in a range of media and our findings are regularly reported to the Cabinet Office, Department of Health and Social Care, Department of Education, SAGE’s behavioural advisory group and Public Health England, as well as being disseminated to the academic community (view our outputs here)