Dr Robert Udale

Department of Psychology

Research Associate


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Dr Robert Udale
Department of Psychology
Cathedral Court
1 Vicar Lane
S1 2LT

I am a cognitive psychologist with interests in computational modelling of cognitive abilities such as working memory, attention and decision making. I am working in Dr Claudia von Bastian’s research group on a project using computational modelling to investigate individual differences, cognitive training, and ageing. My research to date has used behavioural tasks to assess different aspects of working memory (our ability to ‘hold in mind’). I have investigated questions such as: what limits our working memory capacity? how do we cope with distraction? and how do make decisions about the contents of our memory in order to guide behaviour?


PhD Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol

MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology, Bangor University

BSc hons (2:1) Psychology, Bangor University


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