Charlotte Bentham

Degree: MSc Psychological Research Methods with Advanced Statistics (part-time)

Now: studying the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, the University of Sheffield

After completing her BSc Psychology degree with us, Charlotte progressed onto the MSc Psychological Research Methods with Advanced Statistics course, part-time whilst working as an Assistant Psychologist in the NHS.

"There are two main reasons I completed my MSc at the University of Sheffield. I studied for my undergraduate in Sheffield and knew the staff in the department to be well-respected and supportive. Secondly, the MSc in Psychological Research Methods with Advanced Statistics appeared to be a great opportunity to develop core skills that would help me to progress in my career in clinical psychology.

"I studied the MSc part-time, alongside an Assistant Psychologist role within the NHS, and was lucky to complete my research project with my clinical supervisor. The skills I learnt in statistics were crucial for helping me to analyse the data. The course also focussed on the development of additional professional skills in research, including how to deliver a clear research presentation and write a convincing grant proposal.

"Since finishing the MSc, I have continued to study at the University of Sheffield on the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. The MSc helped me to develop skills, and increase my confidence, in research concepts that are core elements of the DClinPsy."