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Our taught masters programmes provide a great foundation for further research or a career in psychology. You can develop your understanding of the human brain through lectures and lab work, give your psychology research skills a major boost or take an interdisciplinary approach to studying the the mind. 

Masters courses in cognitive neuroscience

MSc Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience

Tackle questions about the relationship between brain and behaviour and develop your skills in the core techniques that neuroscientists need, from using experimental cognitive psychology and computer simulation and modelling, to brain imaging and mathematics.

MSc Cognitive Neuroscience and Human

Explore the difference between brain function and the cognitive, perceptual and motor mechanisms that underpin behaviour. This course will develop your skills in neuroimaging and neurophysiological data collection and analysis techniques, building your in-depth knowledge of practical neuroanatomy.

MSc Systems Neuroscience

Begin training to understand how neurons transport information in the brain and deliver instructions to the rest of the body through computer simulation modelling, data visualisation and neuroanatomy.

Masters courses in Psychological Research Methods

MSc Psychological Research Methods

Learn the latest techniques that are applied in cutting-edge psychology research from the psychologists who are using them in their published studies, and tailor your training to your research interests and career goals, from clinical and cognitive, to developmental and social psychology.

MSc Psychological Research Methods
with Advanced Statistics

Receive advanced statistical training from a professional statistician to develop your skills in the statistical methods and software tools needed to handle and interpret large datasets about human behaviour.

MSc Psychological Research Methods with Data Science

Bringing together practical training in the latest research techniques with computational data analysis classes, this course has been developed to enable psychology students to make the transition to becoming data scientists.

You may also be interested in:

MA Cognitive Studies

via Philosophy

This degree unites psychology with philosophy, neuroscience, linguistics, computer science and anthropology to show how the mind works.

MSc Science Communication

This course is taught by world-leading scientists and media practitioners. Our internationally recognised expertise, state-of-the-art media facilities and professional experience in Fleet Street and the BBC can provide you with unparalleled support.