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If you have any questions not answered below our would like more information, please contact our undergraduate admissions secretary Miss Liz Fotherby:

  • Telephone: 0114 222 6531
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  • Post: Department of Psychology, Cathedral Court, 1 Vicar Lane, Sheffield, S1 1HD, United Kingdom

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Frequently asked questions

Do you interview candidates and do you take personal statements on the UCAS forms into consideration? Will a good personal statement increase my chances of being accepted for a place?
We do not interview applicants but we may take personal statements into account when considering applications.

Do you take the Extended Project Qualification into account when making offers?
The department does not currently take the EPQ into account for offer-making.

Which subjects do you accept? Do you accept Art/Drama/Photography, etc.?
Provided students are studying at least one science subject at A level, we are happy to accept the majority of other A level subjects. Examples of subjects we don't accept are General Studies and Critical Thinking. We do accept Art, Drama and Photography. If you have any queries about accepted A levels, please contact us.

What happens if I receive an offer from you, make Sheffield first choice but then only get ABB for the final results of my A levels?
Psychology at Sheffield is a very popular degree course with very high quality applicants; the vast majority of our students do achieve AAB or better at A level. However, we may be able to accept students with ABB grades if they have made Sheffield their first choice; we prefer to accept students who particularly wish to study in Sheffield.

Do I really need GCSE Maths for this course?
Yes. We require a minimum of a GCSE grade C in Maths for entry to our course and do not accept equivalents (though we do accept higher level qualifications, such as A level Maths or Maths as part of the International Baccalaureate; see our entry requirements). We have found that the GCSE is the only level 2 qualification that fully prepares students for the statistical content of our course, which is essential for a successful final year research project.

I've already done an undergraduate degree in another subject but now want to do a Psychology undergraduate degree course, do you count the degree qualification as part of the entry requirements?
We will take your degree into account along with your other previous qualifications. If you are a mature applicant (i.e. over 21 years of age at the start of our course), the admissions tutor will look for recent experience of further or higher education.

Is your BSc Psychology course accredited by the British Psychological Society?
Yes, our course is accredited by the BPS, and confers Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership of the BPS on graduation (subject to students' fulfillment of BPS criteria. See here).

Do you teach Clinical Psychology as part of your degree?
Yes. There are two optional modules in Clinical Psychology in the third year, taught by current Clinical Psychologists from the Clinical Psychology Unit located just next door to the department. Several other modules in our course touch on this area of psychology.

Do you offer work placements?
We don't offer work placements directly within the department, but if a student is able to secure their own placement that is approved by the department, their degree can be converted to a Degree with Employment Experience. See here for more information.

Do you offer study abroad?
Due to the accreditation of our course with the British Psychological Society, study abroad cannot count toward out degrees; the University of Sheffield requires all study abroad to count toward the final degree classification and so we are unable to offer study abroad at present. However, we are currently exploring the possibility of offering a Psychology summer school at CITY College, Thessaloniki, Greece, for certain undergraduate Psychology students.

What percentage of Psychology students graduate with a first class/upper second class degree?
In 2015, just under 82% of our students graduated with a first or 2.1.

Can you give me employment statistics for Sheffield Psychology graduates?
From our 2013 cohort, 93% of students were in full-time employment or further study 6 months following graduation. See our Careers pages for further information on graduate careers.

What is included in the tuition fees?
In addition to your tuition, the annual fee for your course includes:

  • handouts (these may be electronic versions, not paper copies)
  • eligibility for professional accreditation of your degree, subject to you meeting the terms and conditions of the British Psychological Society – find out more
  • laboratory equipment and materials required for compulsory research projects