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2015 group photo

Developemental Group Photo

Front Row: Ed Donnellan, Danielle Matthews, Jane Herbert, Dan Carroll. Bottom Row: Lowri Thomas, Sophie Turnbull, Birsu Kandermirci, Michelle McGillion, Gemma Stephens. Absent from photo: Elena Hoicka, Simone Bijvoet- van den Berg, Andrea Diaz Barriga Barez, Kelly Lothbrook-Smith.

2012 Group Photo

Group photo

Top row: Gemma Taylor, Danielle Matthews, Ciara Kelly. Middle Row: Gemma Stephens, Dan Carroll and Jane Herbert. Bottom row: Lily FitzGibbon, Michelle McGillion , Emma Blakey.

Absent from photo: Laura Robertson (and baby Ivy), Ed Donnellan

Name Research Interests
Jane Herbert The development of learning and memory during infancy and early childhood. Age-related changes in the retention of early memories and the transfer of knowledge to new situations. The effectiveness of books and television as sources of real-life information for young children.
Dan Carroll Executive function and inhibitory control in preschool children; Children’s rule use and symbolic understanding; Conflict monitoring and conflict resolution.
Danielle Matthews Language Development. Communication skills in preschoolers. Pointing gestures in infancy. Socio-economic status and language learning. Statistical learning of grammar. Social Cognition and its relation to language.
Rod Nicolson Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience including event related potential and modelling of developmental and its disorders. Cerebellum, cognition and skill.
Mark Blades Assessment of police interviews with abused children, children’s eyewitness testimony and children's suggestibility during questioning. Children’s understanding of media, in particular their understanding of advertising and marketing.
Richard Rowe The development of antisocial behaviour. Unintentional injury: Psychological risk factors for accidents in children and adolescents, driver behaviour.
Liz Milne Developmental cognitive neuroscience. Visual perception in individuals with autistic spectrum disorders (using techniques such as psychophysical threshold measurement & EEG). The relationship between perceptual abnormalities in autism and atypical cognitive profiles.
Elena Hoicka Humour, Intentions and Creativity


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