Data Management Planning and Storage for Psychology (DMSPpsych)

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The project was funded by JISC under the Managing Research Data Programme 2011-13
Start Date: 01/10/2011 : End Date: 31/03/2012 : Approx Funding: £37,000

The DMSPpsych project will establish a culture of data management planning, archiving, and ongoing reuse of data acquired as a result of psychological research within the Department of Psychology at The University of Sheffield.

We recognise it is often difficult and time consuming for the individual, research group or even department to follow a coordinated approach especially where there are no local or discipline specific exemplars to follow.

By tackling these issues at a grass roots level, working with researchers on a one-to-one basis, we hope to provide support and foster an atmosphere of collaboration with regard to data management.

Essentially the project has three aims:

  • To establish an infrastructure to facilitate appropriate data management planning
  • To establish a culture of storage of data
  • Establish a mechanism and culture by which archived data can be (and is) used for future research

These aims will be achieved by the Project Officer working alongside a wide variety of research groups (including clinicians). As a result of this one-to-one support we will establish fundamental principles and best practice in research data management that can be applied at a local level.

These principles will build upon the outputs of the JISC funded DMTpsych training project which produced discipline specific guidance and training tools which map onto the DCC’s Data Management Planning Template.

Outputs will include exemplar data management plans that can be applied by active projects in the department and adapted to fit similar projects going forward.

A key outcome will be the establishment of a sustainable environment for data management planning and archiving. By utilising Microsoft Sharepoint to provide a single foci this will enable multi-site projects, research groups and individuals to access a supported environment for data management planning. Resources will include localised discipline specific exemplar plans, guidance notes, training resources, and links to DCC tools and other materials.

To manage and share researchers’ actual data we will commission a Dataverse server.

Project Team:
Dr Andrew Thompson, Principal Investigator (
Dr Richard Plant, Project Officer
Ms Christie Harrison, Departmental Research Support Officer
Prof. Paschal Sheeran, Director of Research