What do funders require?

All UK research councils now require a data management plan be submitted with all new funding bids. Their requirements are summarised below:

Funder requirements


Published outputs: a policy on published outputs e.g. journal articles and conference papers
Data: a datasets policy or statement on access to and maintenance of electronic resources
Time limits: set time frames for making content accessible or preserving research outputs
Data plan: requirement to consider data creation, management or sharing in the grant application
Access/sharing: promotion of OA journals, deposit in repositories, data sharing or reuse
Long-term curation: stipulations on long-term maintenance and preservation of research outputs
Monitoring: whether compliance is monitored or action taken such as withholding funds
Guidance: provision of FAQs, best practice guides, toolkits, and support staff
Repository: provision of a repository to make published research outputs accessible
Data centre: provision of a data centre to curate unpublished electronic resources or data
Costs: a willingness to meet publication fees and data management / sharing costs

*Content adapted from the Digital Curation Centre under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial ShareAlike-licence 2.5 Scotland.