Social, Health and Environmental Psychology (SHEP)

storm over wind power

SHEP is a group for Social, Health and Environmental Psychologists to meet in a monthly forum to present and discuss their research in the presence of the other students and staff working in the social, health and environmental disciplines.

It provides opportunities for the discussion of current issues in the fields or to workshop potential collaborations or research directions. The aim is to form a supportive, learned atmosphere within which research issues can be addressed and future research directions evaluated through the sharing of knowledge and experience.

It is hoped that the SHEP will also help to strengthen bonds within the Social/Health/Environmental community and foster a better understanding of the research that is being conducted here at the University of Sheffield. Related disciplines and fields are also welcome in order to broaden SHEP research horizons and develop relationships

If you wish to be added to an email contact list for future notification of meetings or you would be interested in presenting or participating, please feel free to email (details are under the contact menu on the left).