Name Email Supervised by/ associated with Research interests
Dr Mark Blades   Assessment of police interviews with abused children; children’s eyewitness testimony and suggestibility during questioning; children’s understanding of media, advertising and marketing
Iryna Brearley P. Harris Self-affirmation; health interventions
Dr Abigail Millings   Trait-like characteristics associated with individuals’ attachment histories, namely, attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance (Brennan et al., 1998), and how these constructs affect psychosocial functioning:

Caring for other people (including partners, children, and also caring in professional contexts)
Help-seeking and engaging in therapy
Engaging with contemporary interventions in mental health (such as internet therapy and social robots)

Dr Chantelle Wood

  Person perception and intergroup relations (particularly as it relates to stereotyping, prejudice, category conjunction and social categorisation), self-control, and the broader area of social and health behaviour change.
Tracy Epton Self affirmation, health behaviour change
Dr. Chris Jones Attitude formation through the exploration of novel environments; public attitudes towards climate change and future energy choices (e.g. nuclear power and wind power)
Prof. Paul Norman   Social psychology and health; attitude-behaviour models; health behaviour; illness representations and coping with chronic illness; theory of cognitive adaptation
Dr Jilly Martin The prediction and self-regulation of behaviour; and designing behaviour change interventions to help young people make positive changes to their health-related behaviour. I am particularly interested in risk behaviour and work in the behavioural domains of obesity, sexual health and alcohol use.
Dr. Richard Rowe   The development of antisocial behaviour; unintentional injury: Psychological risk factors for accidents in children and adolescents; driver behaviour
Dr. Tom Webb Goal striving and goal management – direction of thoughts, feelings and actions to achieve particular goals