Professor John Porrill - "Models101: how to achieve a career in modelling"

Thursday 11th December, 5.30pm


Computational modelling played a central role in the physical sciences long before computers were invented. Now many believe it is also about to revolutionise neuroscience and psychology. The EU certainly thinks so: it has recently funded a project to the tune of €1.2M to develop a computer model of the human brain. If you want to board this gravy train, or derail it, you need to attend Models 101. You will learn what models are, where they come from, and what they can do. In addition I’ve had a great time over many years doing maths, playing with computers, learning neuroscience and making computer models: I’d like to tell you about my career in modelling.

John Porrill joined the department as a research assistant with the Artificial Intelligence Vision Research unit in 1990.