We have consistently excelled in assessments of research quality. Over 80% of our department's research is internationally excellent or world-leading in the Research Excellence Framework 2014. According to the recent ESRC International Benchmarking exercise, the Department is currently the 5th highest in terms of QR and 7th in terms of research funding within the UK.

Research is organised across five collaborative research groupings:

Computational Neuroscience & Robotics

We design computational models and build robots based on how the brain works. Modelling helps us to understand the fundamental principles of neural processing, and by testing our models in robots we can better understand the intelligent behavior of animals and people. We also use insights from this work to develop technologies, such as assistive robots, that are adaptable and socially useful. Our work forms a part of Sheffield Neuroscience.

Professor Paul Dean
Professor Kevin Gurney
Professor Tony Prescott
Dr Hannes Saal
Dr Robert Schmidt
Dr Tom Stafford
Dr Jim Stone
Dr Stuart Wilson

Adaptive Behaviour Research Group
Active Touch Laboratory
Neural Algorithms Group

Sheffield Neuroscience main website

Systems Neuroscience

Brain recording and imaging technology allows us to investigate how the brain works, while it is working. Our research makes connections between the different levels of description of brain& function - anatomical, physiological and behavioural. Our work forms a part of Sheffield Neuroscience.

Professor Peter Redgrave
Dr Jason Berwick
Dr Enrico Bracci
Dr Nikki Hunkin
Dr Myles Jones
Dr Clare Howarth
Dr Aneurin Kennerley
Dr Liat Levita
Dr Chris Martin 
Professor Paul Overton
Dr Robert Schmidt

Neurovascular and Neuroimaging Research Group

Neuroimaging in Cardiovascular Disease (NICAD) Network

Pre-Clinical 7T Magnetic Resonance Imaging facility

Basal Ganglia Systems Neuroscience

Sheffield Neuroscience main website


The group occupies one whole floor of the Psychology Department and has many specialist testing rooms for working with babies, children and adults, including video recording, state-of-the-art voice recording, EEG, specialist eye-tracking and virtual reality programs. We have particular expertise in the analysis of large data sets. We have a long established database of local families so that children can be tracked for years as they develop. We cover all aspects of typical and atypical development (including children with autism, Downs syndrome, Williams syndrome, children with language delay and dyslexia). Our applied research is related to such groups and includes: interventions to improve children's communication, to improve spatial reasoning, new interventions in dyslexia, and in health and diabetes education, and specialist work with young people with autism. The group currently collaborates on projects with researchers in 15 countries, and collects data from children in 18 countries - so our research reflects contemporary children’s lives world-wide.

Dr Mark Blades
Dr Dan Carroll
Dr Megan Freeth
Dr Elena Hoicka
Dr Danielle Matthews
Dr Elizabeth Milne
Professor Rod Nicolson
Dr Richard Rowe

Sheffield Cognitive Development
Sheffield Autism Research Lab

Social, Health & Environmental

The SHEP group undertakes basic and applied research on issues of social and public health significance, with a particular emphasis on social cognition, emotion regulation and behaviour change. Current projects focuses on developing interventions to promote more positive attitudes and behaviour relating to health (smoking prevention, teenage pregnancy, improved diet and exercise participation), the environment (renewable forms of energy; sustainable consumption; resource dilemmas) and intergroup relations (prejudice, stereotyping, diversity and multiculturalism).

Dr Aarti Iyer
Dr Jilly Martin
Dr Abigail Millings
Professor Paul Norman
Professor Peter Totterdell
Dr Thomas Webb
Dr Chantelle Wood
Dr Fuschia Sirois
Dr Nicola Buckland

Emotion Regulation of Others and Self (EROS) Project
The U@Uni Study - NPRI Funded Study
Ignite Imaginations Research
BBC Lab UK Experiment


The Clinical Psychology Unit (CPU) houses a group of research active clinical academics who are committed to enhancing clinical research through publication in quality journals, contributing to developments in clinical practice through the dissemination of research findings, and providing excellence in professional training and the local provision of clinical services.

The CPU is uniquely placed to advocate for and disseminate the contribution of Psychology throughout the University and the local NHS. Accordingly, many staff collaborate with other clinical academics within the University and within the NHS, often leading to cross-cutting interdisciplinary research and publication in non-psychology journals. Staff also have national and international collaborations.

Professor Michael Barkham
Dr Lisa-Marie Emerson
Professor Gillian Hardy
Dr Stephen Kellet
Dr Anastasia Lavda
Dr Georgina Rowse
Dr Andrew Thompson
Professor Graham Turpin
Professor Glenn Waller

Clinical Health Psychology
Psychological Therapies
Continuum of Cognitive Processes
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities
EMERGe - Embedding Mindfulness Early Research Group