Dr Andrew Thompson BA, DClinPsy, Dip. Prac. Cognitive Analytic Therapy, C Psychol., AFBPsS

Andrew ThompsonAddress:
University of Sheffield
Sheffield S1 1HD
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Email: a.r.thompson@sheffield.ac.uk


BA(Hons) (Liverpool), DClinPsy (Sheffield), Dip. Prac. Cognitive Analytic Therapy (Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapists), Clinical Psychologist, Chartered/ Registered Health Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Visiting Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Hull.

Research Interests

Understanding psychosocial adaptation to trauma and illness (particularly where appearance is affected)

My research over the past twenty years has focused predominantly on identifying the psychosocial factors involved in adjustment in long-term health conditions and in acquired injuries that affect appearance (particularly conditions that affect the skin). I have particular expertise with regards to examination of how people adjust with conditions that affect appearance, and my work has largely drawn on cognitive behavioural models (such as models of social anxiety and shame). My research has used both quantitative and qualitative methods to identify the factors that might be successfully targeted by psychosocial interventions.

The development of self help psychosocial interventions for the management of appearance concern/stigma and anxiety in long term conditions (Particularly skin conditions)

I have been involved in developing and testing self-help interventions aimed at reducing distress associated with a variety of conditions that effect appearance. This work has focused on the application of techniques from a variety of models including CBT, Mindfulness, and Compassion Focused Therapy.

Select research funding

Examining the association between parental mindfulness in parental and child wellbeing in childhood psoriasis: Should we test mindful parenting as an intervention, Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Association. £66,097. PI Thompson (Sheffield). 2017

Peer support for people living with visible difference: Development and pilot evaluation of peer support training materials and resources, Vocational Training Charitable Trust. £19,151. PI Thompson (Sheffield). 2017

The evaluation of skin support web resources, British Association of Dermatologists. £11,629. PI Thompson (Sheffield). 2017

The effectiveness of mindfulness based cognitive group therapy for social anxiety symptoms in people living with alopecia areata: A single case series, Alopecia UK. £18,000. PI Thompson (Sheffield). 2016

VR Pain Control in burn care, MRC Confidence in Concept Scheme. £25,447. PI Phelan (SHU), 2016

Acceptability of self-help to build social confidence for young people with Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), COEUS Seedcorn Fund. £3000. PI Thompson (Sheffield), 2016

Evaluation of Changing Faces Practitioner Services in Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, Changing Faces. £27,000. PI Thompson (Sheffield), 2015

Reducing newly-qualified driver crash risk: Identifying behavioural targets, MRC (PHIND). £187,000. PI Rowe (Sheffield). 2015

Respectful Management of Violence and Aggression Training in Gulu Regional Referral Hospital and Surrounding Districts, Tropical Health Education Trust. £82,748. PI Parker (Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust). 2015

Disease knowledge and shame in historical and cultural perspectives. University of Sheffield Interdisciplinary PhD network. £210,000. PI: Withington (Sheffield). 2014.

Understanding the psychosocial impact of skin conditions and developing learning and teaching resources for dermatology healthcare professionals, METRC/Galderma. £40,000. PI: Thompson (Sheffield). 2015

Can attachment style predict coping and success of coping-based interventions in people with skin conditions? British Skin Foundation. £9757. PI: Lavda (Sheffield). 2013

Reducing psychological distress associated with skin conditions, Tropical Health Education Trust. £4715.58. PI: Thompson (Sheffield). 2013

Data Management Planning and Storage for Psychology, JISC. £36,314. PI: Thompson (Sheffield). 2011

Postgraduate training for research data management in the psychological sciences, JISC. £57,870. PI: Plant (York). 2010.

Developing Health and Wellbeing Clinics, Macmillan. £43,148. PI: Birley (Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust). 2010

Psychological distress and service use among noncardiac chest pain patients. MRC/ESRC Interdisciplinary Studentship. £62,692. PI: Norman (Sheffield). 2009.

Exploring Asian British experience of living with visible disfigurement. ESRC CASE Studentship. £88,504. PI: Thompson (Sheffield). 2006

Emotional responses to disfigurement and coping: a psychophysiological and attitudinal study. ESRC CASE Studentship. £60,000. PI: Thompson (Sheffield). 2003.

Identifying factors and processes contributing to successful adjustment to disfiguring conditions in collaboration. Healing Foundation. £500,000. PI: Rumsey (UWE). June 2004.

Professional Activities

  • Chartered Clinical Psychologist in the NHS from 1998.
  • Qualified Cognitive Analytic Practitioner since 2005.
  • Member of University of Sheffield Senate 2010-13
  • External Programme Examiner - Trinity College, Dublin 2009-12, Salomons Canterbury Christ Church University 2013-17, Royal Holloway, University of London 2018-
  • Editorial Board of the British Dermatology Nursing Journal 2009 - Associate Editor British Journal of Dermatology 2015
  • From 2006 - 2013 committee member on the British Psychological Society (BPS), Committee on Training in Clinical Psychology (CTCP) and visiting accrediation team member of other HEI clinical psychology training courses.
  • Secretary for the Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology (GTiCP) 2005-08.
  • Member of University of Sheffield Health & Human Interventional Studies Research Governance Sub-committee 2013
  • Psychological Advisor to the Katie Piper Foundation 2013 -
  • Vitiligo medical & Scientific Advisory Panel 2017 -
  • Special Psychological Advisor to The All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin 2013 -
  • Visiting Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Hull, Faculty of Health and Social Care 2013 -
  • Member of the operational group for the Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust - Gulu Health Link -  http://bit.ly/SHSCGuluPartnership 2016 -

Current Postgraduate Students

  • Kerry Montgomery (PhD candidate): Mindfulness and chronic skin conditions
  • Ana Coneo (PHD Candidate): Stigmatisation and disfigurement
  • Kate Adkins (PHD Candidate): Stigmatisation and skin conditions
  • Elaine Clarke (PHD Candidate): Self-compassion and skin conditions
  • Iona Shepherd (Dclin Psy) Experience of facial prosthesis use
  • Jessica Lane (Dclin Psy) Self–help and skin conditions
  • Samantha Johnson (MSc candidate) Experience of living with rosacea

Research Group

Andrew Thompson is based with the Clinical Psychology Unit (CPU) Group

Clinical Psychology Unit (CPU)

Andrew Thompson is a member of the board of Medical Humanities Sheffield


A list of key publications can be found below.  For a full list of publications please click here


Edited books

Journal articles


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