Dr Jilly Martin BSc, MSc, PhD

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The University of Sheffield
Sheffield S10 2TP, UK
Tel: (+44) 0114 222 6513(+44) 0114 222 6513
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Email: jilly.martin@sheffield.ac.uk
Room: 2.41


BSc Hons Psychology (University of Liverpool), MSc Health Psychology (University College London), PhD (University of Sheffield)

Research interests

I am a HPC-Registered Health Psychologist with interests in public health issues, health inequalities and young peoples' health-related issues. My main research focus lies in the prediction and self-regulation of behaviour; and designing behaviour change interventions to help young people make positive changes to their health-related behaviour. I am particularly interested in risk behaviour and work in the behavioural domains of obesity, sexual health and alcohol use. Along with professionals from a range of health-related disciplines, I have been involved in developing and delivering behaviour change interventions in both clinical and field settings; these interventions utilise psychologically-based strategies to help individuals (and their families, where appropriate) change unhealthy behaviour patterns and adopt new and healthier patterns.


  • On CampUS Placements, University of Sheffield. Putting the brain into health psychology: What can Neuroscience do for the design of behaviour change interventions to improve health? A systematic review. (100-hour student placement, Jan-June 2015)
  • Women Academic Returners Programme (WARP) University of Sheffield. Awarded £10, 000 (October 2014)
  • British Academy/Leverhulme Trust Small Research Grant J Martin & C Martin: “Improving cross-disciplinary research and practice in health psychology: What can neuroscience do for the design of behaviour change interventions to improve health? A systematic review. (June 2013-November 2013). £9899
  • British Academy Small Research Grant J Appleton & J Martin: “A review of assessment tools to measure childhood overweight and obesity” (June 2012-November 2012). £9936
  • Oxford Brookes University Central Research Fund J Martin & J Appleton: “A systematic literature review to investigate and evaluate published risk assessment and measurement tools used by health professionals in the assessment of childhood obesity in the under 5s” (Feb 2012-August 2012). £9000
  • Oxford Brookes University Central Research Fund L Ryan & J Martin: “A pilot study investigating the effect of a behavioural & nutritional intervention to promote healthy habits in young adults aged 16-18 years” (August 2010-January 2012). £15000
  • Alcohol Education and Research Council (AERC) Postgraduate Research Studentship Scheme 2010 E Davies, D Foxcroft & J Martin: “Designing and testing an intervention to prevent alcohol misuse in adolescents based on the Prototype Willingness Model of health risk behaviour” (October 2010-October 2013). £30000


I teach on PSY259 (Psychological Concepts & Skills), PSY244 (Social & Health Psychology), PSY350 (Self regulation), PSY346 & 331/2 (Research project/Extended essay) and DClinPsy. I am module organiser for PSY6121 (Research Methods, MRes)

Administrative duties

  • Departmental Alumni Officer
  • Departmental Committee membership: Research Committee, Equality and Diversity Committee, and Research Ethics Committee

Postgraduate students

  • Gareth Jones: Post-University Transitions and Exercise; 2nd Supervisor with Professor Paul Norman.
  • Harriet Baird:The role of time perspective in monitoring goal progress; 2nd supervisor with Tom Webb
  • Gabrielle Pitfield: Positive Education; 2nd supervisor with Rod Nicolson
  • Emily Gagnon: Predicting and changing health risk behaviour; 2nd supervisor with Paul Norman


A list of key publications can be found below. For a full list of publications please click here

  • Davies E, Martin J, Foxcroft D. (2015). Development of an adolescent alcohol misuse intervention based on the Prototype Willingness Model: A Delphi study. Health Education, in press
  • Davies E, Martin J, Foxcroft D. (2015). Development and acceptability of a co-produced online intervention to prevent alcohol misuse in adolescents: A think aloud study. JMIR Human Factors. doi:10.2196/humanfactors.4452
  • Davies E, Martin J, Foxcroft D. (2015). Age differences in alcohol prototype perceptions and willingness to drink in UK adolescents. Psychology Health & Medicine. doi: 10.1080/13548506.2015.1051556. http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/pCVpTyaFVbHheuQBx757/full
  • Martin J, Chater A, Lorencatto F. (2013). Effective behaviour change techniques in the prevention and management of childhood obesity. International Journal of Obesity, 37:1287-1294.
  • Davies, E., Martin, J., Foxcroft, D. (2012). Young people talking about alcohol: Focus groups exploring constructs in the Prototype Willingness Model. Education, Prevention & Policy, 20(4): 269-277.
  • Martin, J., Sheeran, P., Slade, P., Wright, A., & Dibble, T. (2011). Durable Effects of Implementation Intentions: Reduced Rates of Confirmed Pregnancy at Two Years. Health Psychology, 30(3): 368-373
  • Martin, J., Slade, P., Sheeran, P., Wright, A., & Dibble, T. (2011). If-then planning in one-to-one behaviour change counselling is effective in promoting contraceptive adherence in teenagers. Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, 37: 85-88.
  • Martin, J., Sheeran, P., Slade, P., Wright, A., & Dibble, T. (2009). Implementation Intention Formation Reduces Consultations for Emergency Contraception and Pregnancy Testing Among Teenage Women. Health Psychology; 28(9): 762-769.

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