Dr Katarzyna Zawadzka

Department of Psychology
University of Sheffield
Cathedral Court
1 Vicar Lane, Sheffield, S1 2LT
Tel:  +44 (0)114 2226585
Email:  k.zawadzka@sheffield.ac.uk


MSc in Psychology, Jagiellonian University

PhD in Psychology, University of Southampton

Research Interests

My main areas of expertise are long-term memory and metacognition, which are sometimes complemented by ventures into the fields of judgement and decision making and social psychology. My current research focuses on strategies people use when asked to retrieve information from memory, factors that affect metacognitive judgements such as confidence ratings or judgements of learning, as well as the role of external information (for example, coming from another person) in shaping decisions such as whether to report the retrieved information or respond “don’t know” instead. I am also interested in modelling memory and metacognitive processes using Signal Detection Theory. My more applied interests include eyewitness testimony and enhancing the efficacy of learning in educational contexts.


Do you know that you do not know? Determinants of 'don't know' responding in memory tasks (2014-2017) – Co-I (PI: Dr Maciej Hanczakowski). Awarded by the National Science Centre (Poland); ~£60,000

Influence of interviewer behaviour on the quality of memory reports in a simulated forensic interview (2010-2011) – PI. Awarded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Poland); ~£5,000


Psychonomic Society Member Select-Speaker Award (2015)


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