Dr Liat Levita, BSc, PhD

The University of Sheffield
Sheffield S10 2LT, UK
Tel: (+44) 0114 222 6651

Website:    levita-lab.group.shef.ac.uk
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/levitalab


BSc (Hons) University of St Andrews; PhD, University of Cambridge

Research Interests

My research integrates methods of behavioural psychology, and functional and structural brain imaging to understand the neurobiological mechanisms underlying developmental changes in emotion, cognition and social function, especially during adolescence. This work is guided by fundamental scientific questions, but is also designed to have potential application in helping to design interventions to increase resilience and well-being during adolescence in susceptible populations.  Current research tools:  Functional and structural MRI, EEG and psychophysiological measures of emotional reactivity, e.g., electrodermal response (EDA), heart rate, and facial EMG.


I teach on the following modules, on the Undergraduate Psychology degree:

  • PSY259 - Critical Skills for Psychologists II
  • PSY331 - Extended Essays
  • PSY346 - Research Projects

I teach on the following modules, on the Postgraduate MSc Systems Neuroscience degree

  • PSY6414 - Neuroimaging
  • PSY6431 - Research Project in Cognitive, Systems or Imaging Neuroscience

Leadership/Administrative Roles

  • Level 2 Tutor
  • Member of the Psychology Teaching Committee
  • Member of the Staff Student Committee


A list of key publications can be found below.  For a full list of publications please click here

Journal articles