Dr Nikki Hunkin BSc, MSc, DPhil

Nikki HunkinAddress
Department of Psychology
University of Sheffield, Cathedral Court
1 Vicar Lane, Sheffield
S1 1HD, UK
Tel: (+44) 0114 222 6522
Email: n.m.hunkin@sheffield.ac.uk


BSc Comparative Physiology (Queen Mary College), MSc Experimental Psychology (Sussex), DPhil Experimental Neuropsychology (Sussex)

Research Interests

My major research interest is the neuropsychology of memory.

Memory performance
This research has used both single-case and group studies in order to relate patients┬┤ memory performance to their underlying neuropathology. Recent studies have focussed on the hippocampus, and whether it is involved in all aspects of memory or whether its role is limited to recollection and contextual aspects of memory.

Functional neuroimaging collaboration
This neuropsychological work has been complemented by the use of functional neuroimaging to investigate the role of medial temporal lobe structures in normal memory, in collaboration with colleagues at the Universities of Sheffield, Manchester and at the Institute of Psychiatry.

In addition to these theoretical studies of memory, I am interested in the application of theoretically-driven techniques to the rehabilitation of memory-impaired patients.

Teaching and administrative duties

I teach on module PSY301.

Activities and Distinctions

  • Peer review of articles for both national and international journals


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