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Name Job title Email address Telephone
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Akram, Dr Asha Lecturer/University Teacher 26569
Ameen-Ali, Dr Kamar Honorary Academics 20000
Azab, Miss Fatma Postgraduate Student 0
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Barkham, Professor Michael Chair in Psychological Therapies 26527
Bartlett, Dr Kirsten Lecturer/University Teacher 26553
Beail, Dr Nigel Honorary Academics 26575
Bentall, Professor Richard Chair in Clinical Psychology 26530
Berwick, Dr Jason Researcher 26597
Berwick, Dr Jason Senior Research Fellow 26597
Bijvoet-van den Berg, Mrs Simone Lecturer/University Teacher 26557
Blades, Dr Mark Senior Lecturer 26549
Blakey, Dr Emma Lecturer in Developmental Psychology 26616
Blenkinsop, Dr Alexander Research Associate 26524
Boon, Dr Katherine Honorary Academics 26633
Boorman, Dr Luke Research Associate 26514
Bracci, Dr Enrico Reader 26593
Brooks, Dr Alenka Honorary Academics 26578
Buckland, Dr Nicola Lecturer in Psychology 26508
Burrell, Dr Jo Honorary Academics 26572
Butler, Ms Annette Department Manager 26517
C Back to the top
Cameron, Dr David Research Assistant 26519
Camilleri, Mr Daniel Research Assistant 26586
Carl, Mrs Elizabeth Level 2 Administrator (Undergraduate) 26594
Carroll, Dr Daniel Senior Lecturer 26603
Cassidy, Ms Josie Postgraduate Administrator 26515
Chaplin, Miss Linsey Student Support Officer 26534
Coe, Miss Abigail IAPT Practitioner Teacher 26605
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Davies, Dr Jason Honorary Academics
Dawson, Miss Sally IAPT Secretary - CPU 26607
Dean, Em Prof Paul Honorary Academics 26521
Debowska, Dr Agata Lecturer in Psychology 26564
Delgadillo, Dr Jaime Clinical Lecturer 26614
Delgadillo, Dr Jaime Lecturer in Clinical Psychology 26614
Dennis, Ms Sara Honorary Academics 26642
Di Bella, Miss Laura Honorary Academics 26623
Donohoe, Mrs Gillian IAPT - Honorary Academics 26584
Dunn, Dr Stephanie Research Associate 26561
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Eiser, Em Prof John Honorary Academics 20000
F Back to the top
Floridou, Dr Georgia Research Assistant 26578
Fotherby, Miss Liz Undergraduate Admissions Administrator & Level 1 26531
Freeth, Dr Megan Lecturer/Research Associate 26652
Frisby, Em Prof John Honorary Academics 20000
G Back to the top
Genn, Dr Rachel Artist in Residence 20000
Glendenning, Miss Emily Research Technician 26604
Goodall, Dr Shona University Teacher in Clin Psychology 26587
Green, Mrs Brittany Finance Officer 26536
Gurney, Professor Kevin Professor 26566
Gurney, Professor Kevin Professor 26566
H Back to the top
Ham, Mr Andrew Technician 26542
Hardy, Professor Gillian Professor 26571
Hardy, Professor Gillian Professor, Clin Psy 26571
Harris, Dr Samuel Post-doctoral Research Associate 20000
Henstock, Mrs Lynsey Secretary IAPT - Clinical Psychology 26541
Hildyard, Dr Katherine Honorary Academics 26609
Howarth, Dr Clare Research 26511
Howarth, Dr Clare Vice-Chancellor's Advanced Fellow 26511
Howes, Dr Paddy Clinical lecturer 26634
Howes, Dr Paddy Honorary Academics 26634
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Inkersole, Miss Diane Level 3 & Exams - Administrator (Undergraduate) 26559
Iyer, Dr Aarti Reader in Social/Heath Psychology 26621
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James, Dr Sebastian Research Associate 26550
Jones, Dr Myles Senior Lecturer 26551
K Back to the top
Keighley, Miss Sharon Clinical Secretary 26570
Kellett, Dr Stephen IAPT Programme Director 26537
Kennerley, Mrs Natalie Technical Manager 26600/26532
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Levita, Dr Liat Lecturer 26651
Lewis, Dr Jennifer Research Associate 26579
M Back to the top
Machin, Ms Catherine Psychological Wellbeing Pract/ Teacher 26588
MacIntosh, Dr Ana SCentRo Administrator 26659
MacIntosh, Dr Ana SCentRo Administrator 26659
Martin, Dr Chris Post-doctoral Research Associate 26590
Martin, Dr Chris Research Fellow 26590
Martin, Dr Jilly Lecturer 26513
Maskrey, Mrs Susan Clinical Secretary 26635
Matthews, Dr Danielle Senior Lecturer in Psychology 26548
McGillion, Ms Michelle Research Associate 26502
McGovern, Dr Steven Honorary Academics 20000
McIntyre, Dr Nora Research Associate 26518
Miles, Mrs Georgina IAPT Psychological Wellbeing Practitione 26589
Millings, Dr Abigail Lecturer 26525
Milne, Dr Elizabeth Senior Lecturer 26558
Mitchinson, Dr Ben Research Associate 26593
Mitchinson, Dr Ben Research Associate 26593
Monaghan, Dr Liza Honorary Academics 26638
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Norman, Professor Paul Professor 26505
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Overton, Professor Paul Professor 26624
P Back to the top
Panagiotidi, Dr Maria Honorary Academics 20000
Pickard, Miss Alison Practitioner Teacher (secondment) 26599
Poerio, Dr Giulia Research Associate 26544
Prouten, Miss Eloise Research Assistant 26632
R Back to the top
Radgick, Miss Sarah CPU Administrator 26649
Refaat, Dr Malik University Teaching Associate 26545
Riley, Mr Timothy University Teaching Associate 26565
Rowe, Professor Richard Professor 26606
Rowse, Dr Georgina Senior Lecturer (Clin Psy) 26574
S Back to the top
Saal, Dr Hannes Lect in Cognitive Science/Comp Modelling 26504
Schmidt, Dr Robert Lecturer 26501
Scott, Dr Shonagh IAPT Practitioner Teacher 26509
Sharp, Dr Paul Project Manager - associated with Dr Jason Berwick 26598
Sinha, Mr Amrit Research Staff 26650
Sinha, Mr Amrit Research Support Secretary 26650
Sirois, Dr Fuschia Reader in Social Psychology 26552
Solaiman, Miss Kiera Research Assistant 26520
Stafford, Dr Tom Senior Lecturer 26620
Stafford, Dr Tom Senior Lecturer 26620
Swift, Mr Josh IT Officer 26535
Swift, Mr Josh IT Officer 26535
Szollosy, Mr Michael Research Fellow 20000
T Back to the top
Thompson, Dr Andrew Senior Lecturer 26637
Thompson, Dr Andrew Senior Lecturer, Clin Psy 26637
Totterdell, Professor Peter Professor 23234
Turpin, Em Prof Graham Honorary Academics 20000
V Back to the top
von Bastian, Dr Claudia Lecturer in Psychology 26560
W Back to the top
Waller, Professor Glenn Chair in Clinical Psychology 26568
Waller, Professor Glenn Head of Department 26568
Walsh, Dr Susan Honorary Academics 26567
Warr, Em Prof Peter Emeritus Professor, IWP 20000
Webb, Dr Thomas Reader 26516
Whitley, Mrs Jayne Student Support Officer 26583
Wilson, Dr Stuart Lecturer 26595
Wood, Dr Chantelle Lecturer 26615
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Yeates, Mrs Rebecca Research Associate 26580
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Zawadzka, Dr Katarzyna Lecturer in Psychology 26585
Zhao, Miss Chen Research Associate 26561


Displaying 125 entries

Name Comments Email address Telephone
Abdal-Sahib, Ms Reem Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Adkins, Miss Katie Postgraduate Student 26587
Altammar, Miss Shahah Postgraduate Student 26581
Altin, Miss Nazli Postgraduate Student 26628
Armstrong Gallegos, Mrs Stephanie Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Aytemur, Mr Ali Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Aytemur, Mr Ali Postgraduate Student 26520
Baird, Miss Harriet Postgraduate Student 26501
Beal, Miss Rhianan Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Bennion, Mr Matthew Postgraduate Student
Benomir, Mrs Aisha Postgraduate Student 26647
Berrios, Mr Raul Postgraduate student 29272
Beyle, Mr Christian Postgraduate Student 29272
Bin Dawood, Mr Abdullah Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Binch, Mr Adam Postgraduate Student 26507
Biniti Azlan, Ms Haffiezhah Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Blouchou, Ms Panagiota Postgraduate Research Student 26581
Bray, Ms Agnes Postgraduate Research Student 26524
Brezzo, Ms Gaia Postgraduate Research Student/Teaching Fellow 26532
Broglia, Miss Emma 26587
Brookes, Mr James Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Brown, Mr Christopher Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Buxton, Mr David Postgraduate Student
Camilleri, Mr Daniel Research Staff/Postgraduate 29272
Chamorro Coneo, Miss Ana-Maria 26628
Chivers, Miss Carla Postgraduate student 26606
Clark, Mr Martin Postgraduate student 26520
Clarke, Ms Elaine Postgraduate Student 26504
Clinical Postgraduates Postgraduate Students 26636/36607
Collins, Ms Emily Postgraduate student 26528
Damer, Ms Ekaterina Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Denis, Mr Daniel Postgraduate Research Student 26561
Diaz Barriga Yanez, Miss Andrea Postgraduate Student
Dickinson, Miss Abigail Postgraduate Student 29272
Donnellan, Mr Edmund Postgraduate Research Student 26563
Dotse, Mr John Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Dunn, Stephanie Research 26561
Elghaba, Rasha Postgraduate Student
Eman, Miss Samia Postgraduate Student 29272
Evans, Miss Rachel Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Favila Vazquez, Miss Natalia Postgraduate Taught Student 26589
Ferra, Miss Gkolfo Postgraduate student 29272
Fitzgibbon, Miss Lily Postgraduate Student 26563
Fu, Miss Yuan Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Gagnon, Miss Emily Postgraduate Student 26628
Gallant, Miss Zoe Postgraduate student 26581
Gates, Ms Lesia Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Gavriilidis, Mr Ioannis Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Glancy, Mr Jonathan Postgraduate student 29272
Gorst, Ms Sarah Postgraduate Student 26626
Hague, Jennie IAPT PWP Teacher 26605
Harrison, Miss Phillippa Postgraduate Student 26587
Heapy, Mr Connor Postgraduate Student
Hernandez, Miss Maria Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Hernandez-Ibar, Miss Daria Postgraduate student 26580
Hill, Rachel Clinical Secretary 26573
Hope, Miss Aimie Postgraduate student 29272
Hostler, Mr Thomas Postgraduate Research Student/Teaching Fellow 26580
Howard, Mrs Jacquie CPU Secretary 26576
Howsley, Ms Philippa Postgraduate Research Student
Jones, Gwynford Postgraduate Student
Jones, Mr Gareth Postgraduate student 26580
Kandemirci, Miss Birsu Postgraduate Student
Kapsokavadi, Miss Marcella Postgraduate Taught Student 26520
Kelly, Miss Ciara Postgraduate Student 26523
Kennerley, Dr Aneurin 26554
Kerdegari, Hamideh Postgraduate Student
Kirkham, Ms Elizabeth Postgraduate Research Student 26556
Knowles, Melanie IAPT Teacher 26584
Laker, Miss Victoria Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Lane, Miss Chloe Postgraduate Student
Leyland, Mrs Anna Postgraduate Research Student/Teaching Fellow 29272
Lingwood, Mr Jamie Postgraduate Student 26581
Linton, Miss Samantha Postgraduate Student 26520
Linton, Miss Samantha Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Ma'rof, Aini Azeqa Postgraduate Student
Ma'rof, Miss Aini Azeqa Postgraduate Student 29272
Maidment, Mr Christopher Postgraduate Student 26544
Mcsweeney, Mr Marco Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Meade, Mr Keelan Postgraduate student 29272
Meyer, Miss Kendra Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Mischewski, Miss Justina Postgraduate student 29272
Montgomery, Ms Kerry Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Morgan, Miss Emma Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Nunes, Ms Luana Postgraduate Research Student 29272
O'Connor, Mr Brendan Teaching Fellow 26589
Orellana Calderon, Ms Ligia Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Parker, Mr Zach Postgraduate Research Student 26504
Patel, Miss Priya Postgraduate Research Student/Teaching Fellow 26601
Pereira, Ms Jo-Ann Postgraduate Student 26549
Petroczi, Ms Andrea Postgraduate Student 0
Piotrowska, Miss Patrycja Postgraduate Student 26606
Pirrone, Angelo Postgraduate Research Student 26566
Pitfield, Mrs Gabrielle Postgraduate Student 26628
Plant, Mr Richard CPU lecturer 26582
Poerio, Miss Giulia Postgraduate Student 26544
Qehaja-Osmani, Fatbardha Postgraduate Student
Radulescu, Miss Carola Postgraduate student 26589
Radulescu, Ms Carola Postgraduate Research Student 26643
Rosas Martinez, Miss Maria Luisa Postgraduate Student 26558
Sadeghi, Miss Samaneh Postgraduate student 29272
Saxon, Dave (ScHARR - Stats Support) 20718
Scott, Mr Alexander Postgraduate Student 26581
Sepulveda Maldonado, Mr Jose Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Sepulveda, Poliana Postgraduate Student
Shaw, Miss Kira Postgraduate student 26601
Simmonds-Buckley, Miss Melanie Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Simpson-Southward, Ms Chloe Postgraduate Research Student 26504
Slack, Miss Rebecca Postgraduate Research Student/Teaching Fellow 26601
Smales, Miss Bethanie Postgraduate Student
Speake, Maggie (IAPT) Clinical lecturer 26509
Spigler, Mr Giacomo Postgraduate Student
Stephens, Miss Gemma Postgraduate Student 26548
Stevenson, Miss Jodie Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Treweek, Miss Caroline Postgraduate Student
Turnbull, Miss Sophie Postgraduate Student
Uroshima, Hiroki Postgraduate Student
Varhol, Miss Alyssa Postgraduate Taught Student 26520
Veltri, Theresa Postgraduate Student
Whittle, Mr Colin Postgraduate student 29272
Wiechmann, Mr Marcel Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Williams, Miss Isobel Postgraduate Student 26601
Wilson, Mr Daniel Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Wong, Mr Lewis Postgraduate Research Student 29272
Wood, Ms Natalie Postgraduate Research Student 26083