Psychology research postgraduates

Below is a list of current research students in the Department of Psychology.


Name Research Topic Primary Supervisor Email
Adkins, Kate Understanding body shame, stigma, disgust, and depression: How can developing self-compassion help in living with a visible skin condition Dr Andrew Thompson
Al-Jawahiri, Reem Heterogeneity within the autism spectrum Dr Liz Milne
Altammar, Shahah Psychological Well-Being in Children with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Prof Paul Norman
Altin, Nazli An investigation of eye cueing effect: Universal or not, cross-cultural study Dr Megan Freeth
Armstrong Gallegos, Stephanie Alejandra Relation between the Executive Function development and the reading acquisition, from a neuropsychological view Prof Rod Nicolson
Aytemur, Ali Neuroscientific investigation into sense of agency Dr Liat Levita
Azab, Fatma Habits and Health Behaviour Prof Paul Norman
Azlan, Haffiezhah An-Nadiah Examining self-disgust in cancer patients Prof Paul Overton
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Baird, Harriet The Role of Time Perspective in Monitoring Goal Progress Dr Tom Webb
Barkoukis, Vasileios Self-affirmation and doping behaviour Dr Richard Rowe
Beal, Rhianan Fear learning, extinction and consolidation processes in the transition from adolescence to adulthood and early life stress Dr Liat Levita
Bennion, Matthew Affective computing to support good mental health in later life Dr Abi Millings
Bin Dawood, Abdullah Does the grammatical gender system of Arabic affect the categorization of objects for English Arabic Bilinguals? Dr Yanjing Wu
Blouchou, Panagiota Positive Dyslexia. An ivestigation into the strengths of primary school children Prof Rod Nicolson
Bray, Agnes Waking the silent majority: Predicting and preventing the `democratic deficit' in wind farm siting Dr Chris Jones
Brezzo, Gaia Brain imaging and brain disease: understanding the effects of brain disease on the relationship between neuronal activity and the blood flow changes that underlie brain imaging signals. Dr Chris Martin
Broglia, Emma A feasibility trial of the effectiveness and impact of counselling in universities and/or colleges of further education Prof Michael Barkham
Brookes, James Heterogeneity in the Development of Antisocial Behaviour Dr Richard Rowe
Brown, Christopher Leaving elite sport: Understanding the determinants of adjustment to retirement Dr Thomas Webb
Buxton, David Chunking Prof Kevin Gurney
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Castillo Eito, Laura Developing a theory-driven prevention for antisocial behaviour Dr Richard Rowe
Chamorro Coneo, Ana Maria Skin conditions and psychological adjustment Dr Andrew Thompson
Chivers, Carla The Categorisation-Processing-Adaptation-Generalisation model to the de-bias of jury decision making Prof Richard Crisp
Clark, Martin Investigating the striatal reward circuits with a specific focus on areas associated with the pleasure aspects of reward Dr Enrico Bracci
Clarke, Elaine Can compassion meditation training reduce self-disgust, shame and improve symptoms of depression? Dr Andrew Thompson
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Damer, Ekaterina Cognitive Adaptation to Social and Cultural Diversity Prof Richard Crisp
Day, Marianne Does an interactive child-centered workshop reduce treatment related distress and improve quality of life in children with leukaemia? Dr Richard Rowe
Denis, Daniel Identifying the neural processing underlying expert anticipation in real world skills Dr Richard Rowe
Diaz Barriga Yanez, Andrea Exploring the role of the prefrontal cortex and the executive functions across lifespan development Dr Dan Carroll
Donnellan, Ed Understanding intentional communication: a developmental and comparative approach Dr Danielle Matthews
Dotse, John Influence of Traffic Stress/Anxiety, Emotional Stability, and Risk Perception on Susceptibility to Risky Driving Behaviour and Road Accidents: A Study among New and Experienced Drivers Dr Richard Rowe

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Eman, Saima Understanding antisocial behaviours: The roles of sensation seeking and subtypes of empathy Professor Rod Nicolson
Evans, Rachel Planning and health behaviour Prof Paul Norman
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Favila Vazquez, Natalia Chunking of behavioural sequences Prof Paul Overton
Ferra, Fenia Police interviews with children Dr Mark Blades
Fu, Yuan How the sociopolitical environment affects children's ability to recognize and understand advertising in Web Dr Mark Blades
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Gagnon, Emily Developing domain specific models for predicting and changing health-risk and health-promotion behaviour Prof Paul Norman
Gallant, Zoe The cognitive neuroscience of ageing Prof Rod Nicolson
Gallopeni, Bujar Investigating executive control and attention in relation to workload in younger and older employees: the role of psychological processes such as personal motivation, job satisfaction and work readiness as mediators/mod.. Prof Rod Nicolson
Gates, Lesia Health Psychology Dr Steve Kellett
Gavriilidis, Ioannis Cognitive Neuroscience of emotions in older adults: Self-disgust Prof Paul Overton
Giannadou, Aikaterini Attention and Perception in ASC Dr Liz Milne
Gorgiev, Anka Towards a New Marketing Paradigm: The Impact of Neuroscience and Behavioral Economics on Marketing. Dr Chris Martin
Gyurkovics, Máté Affective factors in cognitive control: Behavioural and neural investigations in adults and adolescents Dr Liat Levita
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Harrison, Phillippa Patient engagement in contrasting psychological therapies for depression Prof Michael Barkham
Heapy, Connor The relationship between obsessive intrusive thoughts, mindfulness and executive function Dr Lisa-Marie Emerson
Hernández Hernández, Maria Elena Therapist Drift Prof Glenn Waller
Hunger, Lars Dopamine effects on the Basal Ganglia Dr Robert Schmidt
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James, Katy Therapist effects Prof Michael Barkham
Jimenez Rodriguez, Alejandro Population coding of action execution in the basal ganglia Dr Robert Schmidt
Johnstone, Kirsty The gestural misinformation effect in relation to the eyewitness paradigm Dr Mark Blades
Jones, Gareth Habit and health behaviour Prof Paul Norman
Jones, Gwyn Interviewing Child Eyewitnesses Dr M Blades
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Kandemirci, Birsu Effects of Technology and Scaffolding on Children's Creativity Dr Elena Hoicka
Kelly, Ciara Social-Cognitive Development in Deaf Children Dr Danielle Matthews
Kirkham, Lizzy Social cognitive neuroscience: Early life stress and the adult brain Dr Liat Levita
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Laker, Victoria Body comparison behaviours within eating disorders Prof Glenn Waller
Laketa, Aleksandra Cognitive correlates of bilingualism through the life-span Dr Emma Blakey
Lane, Chloe Establishing the Cognitive Profile of Sotos Syndrome Dr Megan Freeth
Leyland, Anna Mindfulness in Schools Dr Lisa-Marie Emerson
Linton, Samantha A Neuroscientific investigation into sense of agency Dr Liat Levita
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Ma'rof, Aini Azeqa Out-group trust, out-group cultural values, and intergroup anxiety as mediators of the effect of imagined intergroup contact on prosocial behaviour tendencies, intergroup prejudice and intergroup behavioural tendencies: A study among Malaysian mainstream and indigenous adolescents Dr Richard Crisp
McCoy, Peter Investigating the role of self-compassion in the self-regulation of drinking behaviour Dr Fuschia  Sirois
Mcsweeney, Marco Fear Learning, Extinction and Consolidation Processes in the Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood and Early Life Stress Dr Liat Levita
Meade, Keelan Integrated Impact Assessment of Urban Wind Turbines Dr Chris Jones
Meyer, Kendra Best practice in interviewing child witnesses and child victims: An international comparison of regulations and procedures Dr Mark Blades
Mischewski, Justina Intergroup Contact and Social Class: Impact on Social Attitudes and Judgment Prof Richard Crisp
Mohamad Ramdzan, Hanis Durrani The effects of advertising on children Dr Mark Blades
Montgomery, Kerry Mindfulness and chronic skin conditions Dr Andrew Thompson
Morgan, Emma Attention in Real Life Interactions Dr Megan Freeth


Naneva, Stanislava Attitudes toward robots Dr Thomas Webb
Nunes, Luana 'Herding cats': Visually guided decision making with target swarms Prof Kevin Gurney
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Orellana Calderon, Ligia Maria Emotional regulation of others and self; prejudice, discrimination and fostering positive emotions Prof Peter Totterdell

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Parker, Zach Clinicians use of evidence-based psychological therapies: What methods are used, what methods are not used, and why? Prof Glenn Waller
Pitfield, Gabrielle Positive Dyslexia: Working to one's strengths Prof Rod Nicolson
Powell, Stephanie Young children's technology use: exploring relationships and effects on divergent thinking Dr Elena Hoicka
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Qehaja-Osmani, Fatbardha Language Comprehension Skills and executive functions in children Dr Dan Carroll
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Radulescu, Carola Understanding the fundamental mechanisms contributing to behavioural control Dr Enrico Bracci
Riley, Tim Effects of Ethanol Exposure During Early Development on the Sensory Responsiveness of the Superior Colliculus Prof Paul Overton
Rosales Cadena, Sandy Belle Self-compassion Dr Fuschia Sirois
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Sarda Gou, Marina Attitudes towards robots Dr Thomas Webb
Saxon, David Therapist effects in psychological therapy services, using multilevel modelling Prof Michael Barkham
Sepulveda, Poliana Entrepreneur behaviours in Dyslexics: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis Prof Rod Nicolson
Sepulveda Maldonado, José Andres Emotional regulation on other and self and its influence on prejudice reduction, intergroup conflict and discrimination Prof Peter Totterdell
Simmonds-Buckley, Melanie Understanding when and why evidenced-based treatment for depression fails to work - and testing an intervention to improve outcomes. Dr Steve Kellett
Simpson-Southward, Chloe Understanding therapist drift: patient, therapist and relationship factors Prof Glenn Waller
Smales, Bethanie Childhood Obesity Dr Mark Blades
Soy, Burcu Toddlers' and preschoolers' understanding of complex intentions Dr Elena Hoicka
Spigler, Giacomo Towards an embodied model of multimodal musical learning Dr Stuart Wilson
Stephens, Gemma Longitudinal study into individual differences in pragmatic development Dr Danielle Matthews
Stevenson, Jodie Applying adult attachment to health domains Dr Abi Millings
Studenica, Arvesa Cognitive correlates of bilingualism through the life-span Dr Emma Blakey
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Treweek, Caroline Improving public perceptions of people who have Autism Dr Megan Freeth
Tsatali, Marianna The connection between self disgust, cognition and emotions among adults with depressive symptoms. Can this relationship generalized beyond depressive symptoms? Prof Paul Overton

Turnbull, Sophie The development of flexible cognition in children and adults Dr Dan Carroll
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von Nordheim, Laura Relationships between parenting, eating behaviour, media influences, body image, and health and wellbeing outcomes Dr Mark Blades

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Wiechmann, Marcel Cognitive Adaptation to Social and Cultural Diversity Prof Richard Crisp
Wilson, Daniel Self-organisation as a theory of brain development Dr Stuart Wilson
Wood, Natalie Robots in healthcare: An investigation of the proposed therapeutic effects of the PARO seal Dr Abi Millings
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Yang, Sisi Embracing the furture self : Understanding and Addressing the Temporal Mood-Regulation Dynamics of Procrastination Dr Fuschia Sirois

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