Research staff

Below is a list of current Research Staff in the Department of Psychology. Each person's name links through to their personal profile.

Name Associated with Email Extension / Room
Ameen-Ali, Dr Kamar Dr Jason Berwick 26643/Rm B1-234, Alfred Denny Building
Arkley, Dr Kendra Prof Tony Prescott 26598/Rm B1-226, Alfred Denny Building
Benn, Dr Yael Dr Thomas Webb 26582/ML.C2
Berwick, Dr Jason Senior Research Fellow
Blenkinsop, Dr Alex Prof Kevin Gurney 26566
Boorman, Dr Luke Dr Jason Berwick 26514/Rm B1-226, Alfred Denny Building
Cameron, Dr David Prof Tony Prescott 26083/Pam Liversidge Building, Post-docs room: PLB Rm B-12
Chang, Dr Betty Dr Thomas Webb 26582/Rm ML C2
Collins, Dr Emily EPSRC Doctoral Prize Research Fellow 26084/Rm B13, Pam Liversidge Building
Croft, Dr Simone Dr Thomas Webb
Day, Ms Marianne 26583
Di Bella, Miss Laura Honorary Academic 26623
Dunn, Dr Stephanie Dr Elizabeth Milne 26507
Farley, Dr Samuel 26591
Floridou, Dr Georgia Research Assistant 26578/WB.C14
Freeth, Dr Megan Research Fellow 26652
Genn, Dr Rachel Artist in Residence 26552
Harker, Dr Wesley Business Development Consultant 29563
Harkin, Dr Ben Dr Tom Webb 26569
Harris, Dr Sam
Howarth, Dr Clare Vice Chancellor's Advanced Fellow 26511
James, Dr Seb Prof Kevin Gurney 26566
Johnson, Ms Barbara Prof Chris Eiser 26583
Kennerley, Dr Aneurin Dr Jason Berwick 26514
Krasuska, Dr Marta Dr Stacey Lavda 26578/Rm WB.C14
Leriche-Vazquez, Dr Mariana Prof Peter Redgrave and Prof Paul Overton  
Lothbrook-Smith, Kelly Dr Jane Herbert
MacDonald, Dr Ian 26644
Manssuer, Dr Luis 26591
Martin, Dr Christopher Royal Society Research Fellow 26590
McCreesh, Dr Natalie Dr Chris Jones 26641
McGillion, Dr Michelle Dr Danielle Matthews 26502
McSweeney, Mr Marco Dr Liat Levita 26628
Mitchinson, Dr Ben Prof Tony Prescott 26591
Peach, Miss Emily Dr Jilly Martin 26591
Reynolds, Dr James Dr Tom Webb 26582/Rm ML.C2
Roessert, Dr Christian 26526/ML.C8
Ryder, Anna Dr Georgina Rowse 26578/Rm WB.C14
Scaife, Dr Robin Dr Tom Stafford 26591
Sharp, Dr Paul Dr Jason Berwick 26598/Rm B1-226, Alfred Denny Building
Solaiman, Miss Kiera Dr Danielle Matthews 26502
Spain, Ms Aisling Dr Chris Martin 26526/ML.C8
Stuttard, Mr William Dr Chris Jones
Thomas, Dr Lowri Dr Danielle Matthews 26548
Vautrelle, Dr Nicholas Prof Peter Redgrave and Prof Paul Overton  
Zhao, Miss Chen Dr Elizabeth Milne