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The Sheffield Psychology degree is about human behaviour and the brain processes behind it. We'll show you how the brain works from a scientific standpoint and you can specialise in the topics that interest you most – from the nitty-gritty of neurological networks to the vast web of social interactions.

Our accredited course is designed to set our students up for a career as a professional psychologist, but it can give you lots of skills you can use in other fields too: from healthcare and teaching to marketing and management. Our students have access to wide range of cutting edge equipment in their third year projects, including virtual reality, EEGs, eye tracking, biofeedback and more. You’ll get to explore topics including psychosis, forensics, procrastination, health behaviours, eating disorders and depression, run your own experiments and learn from some of the UK’s top psychology researchers.

We're ranked as one of the best places in the world to study psychology (Times Higher Education World Subject Rankings 2021).

Our BSc Psychology degree is accredited by the British Psychological Society and covers all the topics and training that you need to complete the first steps towards becoming a Chartered Psychologist.
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Our course is designed to give you the knowledge that every psychology professional needs, through lectures and tutorials, and lots of practical training and projects. You'll learn how to design and conduct your own psychological experiments, and pull all your skills together for your own independent research project in third year.

Below, you can watch a lecture extract by Dr Megan Freeth on the Science of Magic.

Mind Matters: The Science of Magic

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Understanding autism

One in every 68 children has an autism spectrum condition, and more and more people are being diagnosed with one in adulthood.

Despite this, autism is poorly understood, can be difficult to diagnose and affects people in many different ways. In this film, University of Sheffield autism expert and Head of Department, Professor Elizabeth Milne, meets three people with autism to develop a better understanding of their experiences.

The psychology of motivation and procrastination

Dr Fuschia Sirois discusses her research on procrastination and perfectionism:

"My research on personality as a risk factor has focused primarily on two related traits, procrastination and perfectionism, and their potential roles in compromising health and well-being. Over the past 19 years my research has systematically investigated the health-related consequences of chronic procrastination. This research has focused on testing and extending the procrastination-health model to better understand the perils of procrastination for health.

"My research in this area has focused on understanding the role of emotions in procrastination, as well as how poor emotion regulation makes this trait a vulnerability factor for poor adjustment to, and management of, chronic conditions such as hypertension and heart disease. More recently my research has included a focus on understanding how a related trait, perfectionism, is linked to health outcomes, such as health-promoting behaviours and adjustment to chronic health conditions."

Dr Fuschia stood in front of a landscape painting

Find out more about Dr Fuschia's research in this article, on reducing procrastination whilst working from home:
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Learn how to stop putting off important tasks, with a little help from Adam Grant, Dr Fuschia Sirois and master procrastinator Margaret Atwood in this TED 'WorkLife with Adam Grant' podcast:
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Find out about the psychology of lockdown productivity in this podcast with Dr Fuschia Sirois:
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Placements abroad

SLV.Global is an organisation which supports psychology students looking to take part in mental health placements in India, Bali and Sri Lanka.

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