Application procedure

All positions on QUICS are now filled.

Key instructions

Applicants are advised to familiarise themselves with the project details published on the QUICS website.  Closing dates vary according to the vacancy - see vacancies page for details.

In order be considered for Early Stage Researcher (ESR) or Experienced Researcher (ER) vacancies within QUICS, applicants MUST meet the relevant eligibility criteria.

For each position being applied for, the applicant MUST follow the application procedure specified in the advertisement (see vacancies page for advertisement locations).

Salary structure

The salary (living allowance) researchers will receive is according to the rules of the FP7 2013 People Work Programme.  In addition to a living allowance researchers will also receive a monthly mobility allowance, the amount of which is a function of the researcher's family situation at the time of recruitment.
Additional financial contributions by individual host institutions might be indicated in the vacancies of the specific projects.

Recruitment procedure

The recruitment procedure will follow the The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, as well as specific rules of the Marie Curie ITN and local rules which may vary as required by the host countries and institutions.

The QUICS partners will endeavour to ensure a fair female representation by promoting genuine equal access opportunities between men and women throughout the recruitment process.

Following closure of applications (see vacancies page for dates), applications will be evaluated by the QUICS partners. The first pre-screening procedure (Long Listing) will evaluate applications against eligibility criteria and the project requirements. Dependant on the number of applications for each position, applicants may be invited to take part in short listing interviews using Skype. Up to 4 applicants per position will invited to be interviewed.

The interview panels during the recruitment event will consist of:

  • at least four experienced interviewers
  • at least two of these will be experienced academic researchers who will ensure that applicants have the potential to deliver research at the high standards required
  • at least one will be female
  • at least one will be from a country other than the host institution
  • at least one member from an industrial partner.