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This section of the site includes details of the Project Work Packages (WPs), Project Management, Training and Secondments.

QUICS was divided into 7 Work Packages (WPs), 1 to 4 concerned research and technological development, while the remaining 3 covered Recruitment and People Development; External Dissemination and Outreach; and Project Management.  The Project Supervisory Board (PSB) met 9 times over the duration of the project and was aided by 3 committees, agreed minutes of PSB and committee meetings have been shared along with certain other reports.

During the project, 6 network wide training events took place, these were primarily in the first half of the ESR's employment so that the training had the highest impact on their work.  Each fellow also participated in secondments to other full or associates partners for a total of between 2 and 10 months, following each secondment a report was published on this site.

QUICS comprised of 9 full partners and 11 associate partners, who all have extended experience in measuring as well as modelling hydrological, hydraulic and water quality processes at different space and time scales throughout the hydrological cycle.  Together with the 16 QUICS fellows, we worked to take the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) to the next level and improve water quality management by assessing the uncertainty of integrated catchment model water quality predictions.

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