Work Packages

WP = Work Package

WP No. Title Lead Partner
1 Uncertainty Analysis Methods and Frameworks TU Delft
2 Uncertainty Propagation and Scaling Justus Liebig University Giessen
3 Monitoring and Sampling Optimisation Wageningen University
4 Enabling Uncertainty Analysis for WFD studies CH2M (Halcrow)
5 Researchers Development LIST (formerly CRP Henri Tudor)
6 External Dissemination and Outreach University of Sheffield
7 Project Management University of Sheffield

WP1 Uncertainty Analysis Methods and Frameworks

Investigated the performance and applicability of a number of approaches that have been developed to estimate uncertainty in different types of water quality models. The WP investigated the description of uncertainty in data, parameters and model structure. This work was be combined with an initial application to catchments. This application involved the active participation of the private sector and will include the associate partners.

WP2 Uncertainty Propagation and Scaling

Identified and developed techniques that can be used to propagate errors in integrated catchment studies across different spatial and temporal scales. These include stochastic description of input data and model parameters and ensemble techniques to investigate structural model uncertainty.

WP3 Monitoring and Sampling Optimisation

The WP activities examined methods of sampling and quantifying the uncertainties involved in data collection and how this uncertainty can be managed within defined resource levels. This WP contributed to the overall network aim by showing how uncertainty in data can best be managed to reduce overall uncertainty in predicted water quality using integrated models.

WP4 Enabling Inclusion of Uncertainty Analysis for WFD studies

Took knowledge from the other three WPs and developed methodologies/software/procedures that will allow end users to assess water quality uncertainty in integrated impact studies and utilise this information for asset management decisions and for WFD implementation.

WP5 Researchers Development

This WP contained activities that were focused on the technical and personal development of the researchers. The industrial partners were all actively involved in providing training activities, ensuring all fellows will learn about the industrial perspective on modelling and model uncertainty. The training activities were designed to cover a range of necessary modelling and data analysis skills, as well as communication and outreach skills.

WP6 External Dissemination and Outreach

This WP focused on activities that disseminate the work of the network to the general scientific and technical community, to stakeholders in water management at catchment scale and to the general public.

WP7 Project Management

This WP was required to ensure that the activities of the network are completed on time and within budget and that the quality of the work, training and outputs are maintained at a high level.