Planned events:

The QUICS project finished on 31st May 2018, there are no further events, although some fellows continue their PhD studies and hence will be presenting at conferences, etc.

Previous events:

Date / Time Event Location
19th April 2018 Project Supervisory Board Meeting 9 Wageningen University, Netherlands
3rd November 2017 Project Supervisory Board Meeting 8 TU Dleft, Netherlands
2nd November 2017 Network training event 6: Final Dissemination Event Amsterdam, Netherlands
10th-12th May 2017 Additional network training event and Project Supervisory Board Meeting 7 Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
15th-16th November 2016 Project Supervisory Board Meeting 6 EAWAG, Switzerland
15th & 16th June 2016 Network training event 5 & Industrial Outreach: Presentation and Research Dissemination Training Antwerp, Belgium
14th June 2016 Project Supervisory Board Meeting 5 Aquafin, Belgium
29th January 2016 Network training event 4: School outreach TU Delft, Netherlands
28th January 2016 Mid Term Review Meeting TU Delft, Netherlands
27th January 2016 Project Supervisory Board Meeting 4 TU Delft, Netherlands
25th to 27th January 2016 Network training event 4: Modelling Techniques and Uncertainty Analysis Frameworks TU Delft, Netherlands
19th to 23rd October 2015 Network training event 3: Water Quality Modelling (the academics versus the real world); Policy, Asset Management and Outreach and Dissemination. School outreach event. University of Sheffield, UK
19th June 2015 Project Supervisory Board Meeting 3 Haute Sûre, Luxembourg
15-19th June 2015 Network training event 2: Remote Sensing, Data Collection and Data Validation Haute Sûre, Luxembourg
28th November 2014 Project Supervisory Board Meeting 2 Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany
26-27th November 2014 Network training event 1: Introductions to QUICS; Rural and Urban Hydrology Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany
23rd September 2014 Recruitment Event - ESR7-12 TU Delft, Netherlands
4-5th September 2014 Recruitment Event - ESR1-5 Frankfurt, Germany
4-5th June 2014 Kick-Off Meeting (Project Supervisory Board Meeting 1) University of Sheffield, UK

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