Project Description

Fellow: ESR12 - Nazmul Beg Host institution: Universidade de Coimbra Duration: 36 months Planned start date: November 2014
Actual start date: April 2015
Project title: Uncertainty analysis of hydraulic structures behaviour in water quality and quantity in urban drainage systems (WP2, WP6)
Supervisor name: Prof. Rita Carvalho & Dr Jorge Leandro PhD enrolment: Y


  • Study the effect of hydraulic structures on water quality and quantity in urban drainage structures at laboratory scale and using 3D models.
  • Translate the effect of hydraulic drainage structures to 2D and 1D models.
Tasks and methodology: Study a range of full-scale hydraulic structures commonly found in drainage systems and collect hydraulic and quality data. A set of 3D numerical simulations will be performed using parallel software based on “Volume of Fluid” concept. Experimental and numerical work using UC lab and cluster, as well as prototype structures through collaboration with CTGA. Following analysis of experimental data and calibrated 3D numerical results, the most sensitive processes occurring over hydraulic structures will be selected and effects translated to faster 2D and 1D models. Model structure uncertainty and relative data requirements for these different model types will be quantified. ESR12 will be seconded to USFD to gain support from solute mixing experts and uncertainty in urban drainage modelling experts. ESR12 will then be seconded to RUB, supervised by Dr. Leandro, where 2D and 1D water quality models will be compared, and the level of uncertainty in the input data and parameters studied in University of Coimbra and USFD will be determined.
Results: Software tools for translation of the uncertainties in flow characteristics and water quality associated with small scale urban hydraulic structures into integrated models (D2.2, D6.1). Journal publications on effect of hydraulic structures on water quality of urban drainage flows and uncertainty in modelling hydraulic structures as boundary conditions in integrated catchment models.
Dissemination: Manual and guidelines describing software tools and improved models, journal papers, two activities/year as MC Ambassador. Annual conference attendance.
Planned secondments: To CTGA (1 month) for experimental work using prototype infrastructure, To USFD, (4 months) to gain knowledge from solute mixing experts and on uncertainty in urban drainage networks modelling. To Ruhr University Bochum (4 months) comparison of 2D model - 1D model interaction on the level of uncertainty in the input data and parameters studied at University of Coimbra and USFD.