Project Description

Fellow: ESR10 - Francesca Cecinati Host institution: University of Bristol Duration: 36 months Planned start date: November 2014
Actual start date: November 2014
Project title: Propagation of radar rainfall uncertainty in integrated water quality models (WP3, WP4, WP6)
Supervisor name: Dr Miguel Angel Rico-Ramirez & Prof. Dawei Han PhD enrolment: Y


  • Develop a radar rainfall error model able to capture the different sources of uncertainty in rainfall estimations at various spatial and temporal scales, with focus on the smaller urban scales.
  • Study the influence of rainfall estimation error on integrated water quality models, by simulating case studies that integrate a water quality model with radar rainfall estimates at different spatial and temporal scales. This activity will integrate the uncertainty from rainfall data with the uncertainty in a water quality model.
Tasks and methodology: Develop the radar error model on a UK catchment (in collaboration with ESR11) and test it on Eindhoven catchment, for which ESR10 will be seconded to TUDelft. ESR10 will be seconded to W+B to learn about the Dutch guideline for rainfall information in urban areas and test the algorithm for combining weather radar and rain gauge data developed by W+B to a new case study. ESR 10 will also be seconded to EAWAG to assist ESR5 with better description of rainfall input uncertainties.
Results: Practical advice on the optimum spatial and temporal resolution of rainfall estimate for different components of an integrated water quality model, in order to minimise uncertainty (D4.3). Enhanced algorithms/tools able to quantify uncertainty in radar rainfall measurements (D3.2, D6.1). Publications on: new algorithms for non-Gaussian rainfall error description at urban space-time scales; optimum rainfall resolution selection for integrated models.
Dissemination: Report and manual on enhanced algorithms, Journal papers, two activities/year as MC Ambassador, annual conference attendance.
Planned secondments: To TUDelft (3 months) and W+B (2 months) testing new radar rainfall error model and test algorithm for calculating rainfall fields on Dutch case study. EAWAG (3 months) to assist ESR5 with better description of rainfall input uncertainties.