Registration for Continuing Students


The purpose of Registration is to confirm or amend the information already held on your personal academic University record and demonstrate your intention to continue your studies. Registration is also required for you to ensure that you have selected your modules of study, and put arrangements in place for payment of your fees. It is a University regulation that all students are required to register annually, prior to their start date.


Undergraduate students who have received their exam results and have successfully completed the year will be able to access on-line registration via your MUSE account. You will receive guidance regarding re-registration with your exam results and must complete Online Registration by Friday 25 September 2020. Students in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health may have earlier deadlines and should contact their phase administrator for details.


If your registration start date is between 1 August and 31 October you will receive an email from the Student Administration Service prior to your start date with details about how to register on-line via your MUSE account. Students should register for each academic year of study, prior to their registration start date. If your registration start date is between 1 November and 31 July you will receive registration information by email approximately one month before you are due to re-register.

How to register online

You can access the Online Registration link via MUSE after your leave of absence return date at (please see the link in the top left-hand corner of the University home page.) Once you are logged in:
• Click on 'My Services'
• Click on 'View all Services'
• Scroll to 'O' and follow the link to 'Online Registration for Continuing Students'
• Click on and complete all tasks listed in red.
Please make registration a priority. If you do not register you may be prevented from using university facilities such as email, and you will not be able to attend teaching/research activities or receive teaching materials.
If you encounter any problems completing your registration, please contact the Student Administration Service helpdesk:
Telephone: +44 (0)114 222 1288
Contact: Student Administration Service

Leave of Absence

If you are returning from leave of absence you will be contacted approximately one month before they are due to re-register. All module choice (where appropriate) should be approved prior to completing your registration.