Change your programme of study

Request permission to change your programme of study

Some students may choose to transfer to start a new programme of study. If you wish to consider this option you should seek advice from the relevant academic departments as soon as possible after your results are known. You may also wish to consult the Careers Advisory Service. There may be financial implications if you choose to transfer to a new programme. You should consult your Student Finance, or equivalent body, to ask if they will continue to support you for this and future academic sessions.

When to Register

Please note that students who have already been permitted to change degree programme and start Level 1 of a new programme are not treated as repeat year students for the purposes of registration. These students will receive all the information concerning departmental introductory meetings for Level 1 students and information about registration. Any student who is granted late permission to change degree programme, will be given guidance on how and when to register.