Continuing Students: Who are not proceeding to the next year of study

Students who have a PC (Pass Conceeded) result

If you have a Year Result of PC, you can choose to accept the PC result and register online for your next year of study, or you can resit in August.

Continuing next year at Level 1

  • Progressing from the Foundation level
  • Students who have changed their programme of study
  • Students who have taken a year of Leave of Absence and are re-starting

Students who have failed a year

These notes outline the four options available to students who are not able to proceed to the next level of their degree programme.

Repeating a period of study

Request permission to attend to repeat a period of study on a full-time or part-time basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where do I need to register for next year? What should I do if I miss registration? I am repeating part/all of a year of study? What should I do?

Contact the Registration Team

If you have queries regarding your registration please contact the Registration team.