Repeat a period of study as an external candidate

If they have resit attempts remaining, most students will be permitted to become an external candidate for re-examination in the following session.

If you decide to repeat the period of study as an external candidate you will not be eligible to attend classes and will simply submit assignments and/or resit the examinations. Since you do not register to attend classes, there are no tuition fees payable but you will be required to pay the appropriate re-assessment fee.

UK students who are not in attendance are not entitled to receive a Student Loan. You may choose to remain at your home/permanent address during the year, whilst keeping in touch with your academic departments in Sheffield.

If you are registered externally, your computer account will remain active, your UCard will be updated and you will still be able to access libraries and use the relevant resources. Any queries regarding MOLE should be directed to

To apply to be externally registered, please download, complete and submit the Change of Status form available on the right hand side of the following webpage.

If you have any queries regarding the external registration process, please contact the Student Administration Service at