Passed Resit

For undergraduate students who, after the resit examinations, have a level result of:

  • P (Pass - permitted to proceed) or
  • M (Pass - permitted to proceed to Level 3 of a 4-Year undergraduate Master's degree programme) or
  • PC (Pass Conceded)
  • MC (Pass Conceded)

Any of the above means you may now register for the next level of your degree programme.

You will already have been notified if the records of the University┬┤s Finance Department show you to have a tuition fee or tuition fee related debt to the University. You are reminded that your Registration will be withheld until you have either cleared the debt or obtained special permission to register.

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For help contact the Student Administration Service on: 0114 222 1288 Monday to Friday between 09.30 and 16.30.

email : Student Administration Service