Read the admissions requirements

Providing evidence of your previous qualifications

Before you can register as a new student, you must provide evidence that you have met:

  1. The University's general entrance requirements and
  2. the specific academic requirements of our course or the conditions of your offer

This includes evidence that you meet the University's minimum English Language requirement.

All new students should read the Admissions Policy , which is available online for Undergraduate applicants at and for Postgraduate students at

If you need to have your qualifications verified during Intro Week, we require you to present the following document(s):

  • original certificates or transcripts of your academic qualification(s), including those relating to your English Language level. These must clearly show the final result of your qualification(s);


  • certified copies of certificates or transcripts relating to your academic qualification(s), including your English Language level. These must be authenticated by an appropiate authority (eg your school or previous university) with an official stamp and must also clearly show the final result of your qualification(s).

Not all students are required to have their qualifications verified during Intro Week. Students whose qualifications and results have been supplied directly to the University by an awarding body or through UCAS do not require verification. If you do need to bring evidence of our qualifications, the Admissions Service will notify you in advance.  If you are a graduate of the University of Sheffield you will not need to bring your certificates.