What to bring with you at Registration

When you attend your Registration Event you should bring the following pieces of information/documentation with you to ensure that you can complete Registration:

  • Photographic Identity documentation

  • Passport and Visa (obligatory for Overseas Students only)

  • Decision letter showing leave to remain OR Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) if you have already collected it (Overseas Students only)

  • Your UCAS Personal ID or Applicant Number

  • Your Module or Unit Form, with the required number of authorised modules on it (if applicable)

  • Your original certificates of the qualifications you included in your application to the University, if these have not already been verified (see meeting admissions requirements)

  • Your University offer letter, if you have received one

  • National Insurance Number (for students wishing to register for the electoral roll)

  • Your pre-registration login details (username and password) so that you can upload a photo for your UCard to be printed, if you have not done this already as part of your pre-arrival actions

The length of time it will take you to register will depend largely on the actions you have taken before arriving in Sheffield.