Registration for ELTC Summer School Programmes: Frequently Asked Questions

My pre-sessional course doesn’t show in MUSE/ or not with the correct degree course I am going to study.

Please make sure you are logging in to your pre-registration tasks via the link in your emails. It is very important that you access your tasks with the user name for your ELTC course; check back through your pre-registration emails relating to your ELTC online course to make sure you are using the right one.

Do I need to put a UK address as a term time address? What type of accommodation should I choose from the drop-down list?

No, if you are studying your course online then your term time address can be the same as your home address. If you are living at home with your Parents/ Guardian then you can select ‘Living with parent/guardian’ from the drop down list. If this is not the case then you can select the option ‘Abroad’.

How do I change the course? I now want to do 6 weeks on line and not 10 weeks?

Please contact the ELTC directly to discuss this. You can email them on for further information.

When can I pay fees? Can I pay fees in the first week of the course once I’ve seen whether I can adapt to online learning?

Fees should be paid during the registration process, but can be paid up to two weeks after the course start date.

Do I need to upload a passport or visa as part of pre-registration if I am studying from my home country?

No, these tasks are not compulsory if your course is online. You do not need to complete these tasks as part of your pre-registration, leaving the tasks incomplete will still allow you to complete your registration.

My date of birth is incorrect so I can’t complete my registration and account set up, who can change this for me?

Please send an electronic copy of your passport to and a member of the team will be able to update this for you. Once we confirm the change has been made, you will be able to complete your account set up.

I seem to have two different usernames, which one do I use? Is there an easy way to find out?

You will have a username for each course you will be studying at The University of Sheffield. One will be for your ELTC programme and the other for a degree which you may start in the future. Please ensure you are referring to your emails from with details about your online ELTC course so you are able to access the correct pre-registration tasks.

I want to pay my tuition fees, but the section that says ‘ Update personal details, (including financial information) is shaded out like I have completed it. How can I access this section again?

As you have previously selected to set up your fee payment later, by selecting the option ‘Request Temporary Registration’, this means this task has now been completed. In order to enter details for your payment you will need to log in to MUSE available on The University of Sheffield homepage (, click on My Services, View All Services and select the option ‘Online Registration for continuing students’. You will then see a section to allow you to complete the payment for your course.

I have filled in my term time/home address with my overseas home address but it doesn’t allow me to complete the task and all fields marked with * are completed.

If the address you have entered is not within the United Kingdom (UK) then you will need to complete the field International Post Code even though there is no * next to it.

I cannot remember my computer log in details.

When logging into MUSE, there is a button under the username/password fields called “problems logging in?”. Press this button, and it will take you to the account recovery screen so you can regain access to your account.

I have just set up my account, but there are no pre-registration tasks for me to complete.

You will receive emails from when there are new tasks for you to complete. Keep checking your emails and your account will be updated soon.

What methods of payment can I use for my tuition fees?
  1. Credit / Debit Card, online
    Acceptable CREDIT cards are: MASTERCARD or VISA.
    Acceptable DEBIT cards (UK banks only) are: VISA DEBIT, DEBIT MASTERCARD or MAESTRO.
  2. Western Union Business Solutions - Bank Transfer and other payment methods
    Please ensure you arrange for money to be transferred from your home country to The University of Sheffield. For payment of fees by Western Union Business Solutions you can track your payment at!/tracking.
  3. Sponsored
    If you are being sponsored you will need to upload your sponsor letter in your pre-registration task. As soon as payment is received by the University of Sheffield your record will be updated.
What is an emergency contact, and what should I put down?

Your emergency contact should be who you want us to get in touch with if you are in an emergency situation. This is normally a parent, relative, or close friend.

I did not fill in the Equality and Diversity monitoring section, but it is showing as completed. Is this okay?

If this section is showing as Completed but you did not fill this in, please email who will be able to look into this for you.

The “Disability Information” section has me listed down as having a disability I do not have. What do I do?

If the system has you listed down for a disability that you do not have/doesn’t apply to you, you should email the Disability and Dyslexia Student Support team at to confirm this. They will then remove this disability information from your record.

If I complete my ELTC course and decide to defer my Masters course to the next academic year, is my ELTC certificate still valid or do I need to complete the ELTC course again?

The certificate that you receive at the end of your pre-sessional course is valid for 2 years, so if you deferred your academic course to 2021 and still completed the pre-sessional course now you could use this certificate to gain access straight on to the course in 2021, as long as the English Language requirements of the course have not changed. If you are going to postpone your academic course we would normally recommend that students cancel their pre-sessional course and reapply to study the year they will be starting their academic course to make sure they study the correct course and meet the Language requirements for that academic year.

Can I defer my ELTC course until teaching is face-to-face again?

Unfortunately we are unable to defer pre-sessional courses, you would have to cancel your application and reapply the following year.

Are the courses live or recorded?

The courses are a combination of interactive content and live lessons with teachers. Please have a look at our Online Open Day recording, which demonstrates how the lessons will be conducted.

My computer is old and internet connection is poor. What are the minimum requirements for my equipment and internet connection during the course?

You will need good access to the internet from a PC/laptop with a webcam and microphone; headphones are strongly recommended.

The emergency contact section asks for an UK postcode (required field) and I do not have an UK emergency contact in the UK.

If the address you have entered is not within the United Kingdom (UK) then you will need to complete the International Postcode field even though there is no * next to it.

When I try to activate my computer account in the Pre-Registration screens, I get an ‘Access Denied’ error. If I cannot activate my account because of this error before the course start date, will it affect my teaching? Do I need a full student computer account to access teaching?

Please make sure you are logging in to your pre-registration tasks via the link in your emails. It is very important that you access your tasks with the user name for your ELTC course; check back through your pre-registration emails relating to your ELTC online course to make sure you are using the right one.

If you still experience an error message, please contact for further advice in relation to your course.

Submitting an emergency contact address requires a phone number. I don’t have a phone number in the UK, what should I do?

As you are studying from outside the UK, your emergency contact does not need to be someone in the UK. For that reason, the telephone number can be an international number.

I have finished pre-registration but I haven’t received any further information about the course such as when it will start and what is expected from me each day.

If you have registered for the course you will receive the instructions to join the course on the Friday before the course starts. You can view the course structure here: