A quick guide to choosing modules

To find out whether you need to choose any modules and how many credits you need, check your programme regulations online or ask your department for more information.

Core Modules

These are mandatory. Up to 100% of your modules may be CORE

New Students

You do not need to take any action - modules will be automatically loaded onto your student record.

Continuing Students

You do not need to take any action - Modules will be automaticaly loaded onto your student record.

Approved Modules

Some programmes allow you to choose modules from a pre-defined list. These are approved modules.

New Students

You may be able to select these online via OMS (Online Module Selection) - Some new students are given access to Online Module Selection as part of their pre-registration activity. See here for more details. If you are not given this option, you will be able to select your modules at your Departmental Introductory Meeting during Intro Week.

Continuing Students

Choose these online via OMC (Online Module Choice)-  In May you will be given access to the Online Module Choice system so that you can make your choices for the next academic year. You will not have another chance to do this until online re-registration, which opens once summer exam results have been published.

Unrestricted Modules

Some programmes allow you to choose any modules from any department across the University (subject to availability)

New Students

Choose these at the Unrestricted Module Event in Intro Week - Undergraduates, Erasmus and Study Abroad students have the opportunity to select modules at this event, which is held in the Octagon during Intro Week. Representatives from many academic departments will be available to discuss options and sign off module choices so they can be manually added to the student record during Registration at Goodwin Sports Centre.

Continuing Students

Not applicable.

Not-for-credit Modules

The Languages for All programme allows you to take additional language modules, above and beyond your 120/180 credits. Fee waivers are also available for some students.

New & Continuing Students

Apply for these online via the Languages for All webpages. - Students who do not have module choice within their programme, or who wish to take a language on top of their credit-bearing modules, could benefit from the Languages for All programme. Full information about this is available online here