Knowledge Exchange at Sheffield

We define our mission as “the goal of changing the world for better through the power and application of ideas and knowledge”. This process involves partnerships with people and organisations beyond our walls; these partnerships are not one-way, and the insights that we gain from our partners stimulate and enrich the research we do, fuelling innovation and keeping our researchers in touch with the real questions and challenges faced by modern society.

Dedicated Support

Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) Teams:
Providing support for academics and researchers who wish to engage with external partners; they underpin and facilitate knowledge exchange between the University and external partners.




Telephone Number

Arts & Humanities                                                           Amy Ryall                                                             222 9709
Engineering Elinor Noble 222 9735
Science Science KE Team 222 5078
Social Sciences Sarah Howson 222 0173
Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sue Smith 222 8723
Regional Engagement & Partnerships Chris Hill 222 1456

Regional Engagement & Partnerships Team:
Supporting the implementation of the Impact, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IIKE) strategy and providing guidance and support to academics, researchers and the Faculty KE Teams.

Working together, these teams are in place to respond flexibly and rapidly to requests for support in order to seize opportunities as they arise. These teams can help to:

• support the development of collaborations with internal and external partners for mutual benefit
• identify/validate pathways to impact for your research
• support the identification of and application for the resource needed to develop collaboration and impact activity
• evidence and communicate the impact your research makes
• identify and protect any intellectual property associated with your work.


How to get support

Are you looking for support or guidance to progress with an idea that involves knowledge exchange?
Do you want to work with a partner?
Do you have a commercial proposal?
Do you need to understand impact?
Are you looking for a personal development opportunity?

If you need support of any kind to develop your knowledge exchange or impact activity then complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) Form and send it to your Faculty KE contact

Click here for details of the KE support process

Schemes & opportunities

Click on the tabs below to find out more about the most common schemes and opportunities that are available to support Knowledge Exchange and Impact. This is not an exhaustive list, please get in touch with your Faculty KE contact to understand what will work best for you and your research.

Collaborative R&D


Provide match funding to support short term commercially focused projects with external partners in order to share risk, demonstrate applicability of research and develop longer-term partnerships with external organisations.

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Commercial Opportunities

Could my research have commercial potential?

Research commercialisation can be generally defined as the process of introducing to market a new product or production method resulting from academic research, this can be termed 'Direct' commercialisation. However, a much broader definition can be used, which encompasses all uses of research that can generate a financial return for the researchers and their institution; this might be referred to as 'Indirect' commercialisation.

See examples of different types of commercial outputs that might be relevant for your research and who to approach for support.

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Confidence in Concept (MRC)


Designed to "accelerate the transition from discovery research to translation development projects by supporting preliminary work or feasibility studies to establish the viability of an approach" within the healthcare remit.

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Proof of Concept


Support the development of commercial ideas which are at the point where a significant difference (i.e. step change) can be made on their route towards commercialisation and delivering impact. It aims to support those projects already identified as having clear potential to achieve impact.

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Proximity to Discovery (P2D) (MRC)


New initiative under the Biomedical Catalyst theme to support early interactions and knowledge exchange between external partners and academic researchers within the healthcare remit.

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Research Sabbatical / Secondment


Provide academic staff with the opportunity to work with an external partner at their site, or for an external partner to work on a project at the university. This will enable knowledge exchange and support the delivery of impact from the outputs of on-going or completed research.

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Training and development opportunities

As part of the IIKE strategy, R&IS is providing a variety of training opportunities for Academics, Researchers and all Knowledge Exchange support staff. These will provide participants with the skills needed to develop and enhance the value of their collaborations with external partners, and improve and increase the University's external economic and social impact.

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