The University asset register

Sheffield is dedicated to enhancing the use of its research infrastructure. Our aim is to ensure efficient use of equipment and improve research excellence.


Sharing equipment

To achieve this aim and address the changing external funding environment there is a need for the University to implement a rigorous system to allow the academic community and relevant partners to access and share equipment effectively.

The University has been working with colleagues from across the N8 partnership to develop and populate a database of all capital research items with a value of £25,000 or more. This can be accessed via the Asset Register.

Current research infrastructure and equipment

The Asset Register will allow academics from across the University to identify and request access to capital equipment located across the institution.

In addition, the long term plan for the database includes incorporating information from all N8 partners allowing users to review the functionality and capacity of equipment from across all 8 HEIs.

The Asset Register is an important tool for everyone involved with the development and delivery of research applications and projects. By logging into the database users can:

  • search for equipment
  • review capabilities and functionality of current research infrastructure
  • explore opportunities to share/ utilise current equipment from across our institution

How to use the Asset Register

University staff members can access the Asset Register with their normal username and login details.

If you would like support accessing the database or have any queries regarding information in the database please contact the super-user in your Faculty:

Ian Wraith - Engineering

Kevin Oxley - Medicine Dentistry & Health, Social Science and Arts and Humanities 

Matthew Doxey - Science 

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