Contract research

We have a long history and a solid track record of working with business and public sector organisations that are keen to improve their people, products and services. By working with the University, you can seek to add value to in-house capabilities or buy-in specialist knowledge and expertise. This research might be collaborative, with your staff working alongside our researchers, or you may simply employ us to undertake a particular piece of work.

Our expertise

The University has over 1,100 academic experts in more than 70 disciplines, research centres and related areas, all of which undertake research activities. Our expertise across a broad field of subject areas makes us an ideal partner, and over the past few years we have collaborated with over 2,000 organisations keen to harness our expertise, technology, and insight. These have ranged from some of the world's largest corporations to smaller regional companies.

What about confidentiality?

The University can guarantee confidentiality at all stages of discussions and, where appropriate, we will happily assist in putting in place formal confidentiality agreements to ensure that you feel fully protected in terms of any confidential and/or commercially sensitive projects you wish to discuss.

What about intellectual property?

Whatever the nature of the interaction, we will endeavour to ensure that all legal and contractual matters are dealt with as swiftly and smoothly as possible. The University has a set of simple procedures which are publicly available.

Who to contact

The University has several gateways whose staff will be very happy to discuss your research needs, whatever stage these might be at, and to put you in contact with academics who can help.