N8AgriFood @The University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is one of eight northern universities participating in the N8 AgriFood programme.

It is an interdisciplinary research programme (May 2015-April 2020) that combines world-leading crop and livestock research with extensive expertise in social sciences in a single research initiative. With an investment of £16m from each of the N8 Universities (Durham, Manchester, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, York and Sheffield) and HEFCE, N8 AgriFood is building on the strength in agri-food research expertise across the N8 Research Partnership to transform food security research.

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The team

Details of the core academic and support teams at Sheffield

Projects and activities

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Research Centres:

There are over fifty academics across The University of Sheffield contributing to the N8 AgriFood Programme. Below are the key research centres which these academics are involved in:

P3Plant Production and Protection (P3) is a translational biology centre encompassing the breadth of plant and soil science expertise, working across biological scales, from genome to the global atmosphere. P3 collaborate with numorous industrial partners (e.g. Green Collar Foods, Heineken, RAGT, Enza Zaden and GreenSky).

Translating knowledge

World-class facilities


The members of the University of Sheffield Sustainable Food Futures (SheFF) aim to deliver resilient sustainable agri-food systems that provide sufficient safe, affordable and nutritious food to all, through interdisciplinary research methods.

Sustainable agri-food systems

Grantham CentreThe Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures, whose sustainability research creates knowledge and connects it to policy debates on how to build a fairer world and save natural resources for future generations.

Building a fairer world

In addition to:

Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute



 The Sheffield Institute for International Development


The School of Health and Related Research


Advanced Resource Efficiency Centre