Banner Researchers Night 2016

Firth Hall exhibition 

Firth Court

Is there an app for that? Supporting language learning through online and mobile games

Come and find out more about how apps and games can help with learning another language, and get your name on the "Vocabulary Master" leader board.

The Servants at Chatsworth

Find out about research into the lives of servants at Chatsworth in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. These are well‐documented in the Chatsworth archive, but little has been done to bring their stories to light. Three PhD students aim to do just that, to both contribute to the academic record and to provide material for Chatsworth to use in their interpretation of the House and its history.

Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Nose and Fingers‐ A neuroscientist's understanding of the senses

Our senses are bombarding us with information all the time, observing, listening, smelling and even tasting the world around us, on the look out for danger, sending a powerful 'ouch' response when we encounter something harmful or dangerous. Come find out more about how these amazing senses work, how your brain perceives the heat of a chilli pepper, and how sensitive are you to different stimuli?

Robot swarms

Swarm robotics works to harness the power of the insect world. These small, simple robots act in the same way as honey bees do when choosing their future nest. Like honey bees, the small but collaborative robots operate without any central control to explore their environment and make collective decisions. Come and see the Sheffield swarm in action at Firth Hall.

Engineering the future: simulations and experiments for new medical devices and better treatments

Discover how the development of state‐of‐the‐art solutions for the next generation of medical devices and clinical interventions from cardiac stents, and cardiopulmonary bypass procedures to aortic aneurysm treatments, will change the future of healthcare. Learn how computational tools and experimental measurements are used to simulate the complexity of the physics of the cardiovascular system to improve outcomes for patients and meet the VPH‐CaSE students to find out about the research tools they are developing.

Making air pollution in Sheffield visible

In Sheffield, the safe thresholds for air quality are regularly breached and poor air quality is estimated to account for up to 500 premature deaths in the city every year. Come and see the hand-held monitors being used by pedestrians, cyclists and car-drivers to measure particulate pollution in Sheffield.

Science while you sleep

What does the sound of your snoring say about you? Come and listen! Judge some snores from tame to earth‐shattering, and find out how you can use your mobile phone to contribute to science while you sleep.

How radioactive are you?

What do you know about radioactivity in the world around you? Come and strip away the fear to learn how radiation is both friend and foe to the human race.

Not Just Teeth: Research at Sheffield Dental School

Researchers from Sheffield Dental School will present an interactive set of exhibits highlighting ground-breaking research and targeted at dispelling any myths you may have that it is ‘all about teeth’. Come along and find out about our work on bacteria, nerves, oral cancer, patient experience and tissue engineering, oh, and teeth.