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Professor Ravindra Maheswaran
Personal Webpage

School of Health and Related Research

Research interests

My main research interest concerns the application of geographical information systems and science (GIS) to public health research and practice. Research fields within this area include (i) geographical and environmental epidemiology; (ii) geographical variations in health and health care; and (iii) methodology for spatial studies.

Professor Scott Weich

School of Health and Related Research

Scott Weich is Professor of Mental Health in ScHARR.  He is also a practicing NHS Consultant Psychiatrist.

His research interests include public mental health and the study of the distribution, causes and consequences of common mental disorders, as well as mental wellbeing.  He has experience of large-scale observational and secondary research looking at socio-economic, ethnic, gender and spatial variation in mental disorders and their outcomes.

Recent research includes the study of compulsion in mental health services, inclding compulsory admission and the use of Community Treatment Orders.  He is also undertaking research into the way in which patient experience data are collected and used to influence service improvement in NHS mental health services.

Prof Weich has an interest in the evaluation of service change in real-world settings.  He is also interested in the evaluating improvements in the efficiency with which existing services are delivered, and in evaluating the use of technology in mental health care, and in the application of experience-based co-design in mental health settings.

Dr Peter Dodd
Personal Webpage

School of Health and Related Research

Research interests

  • Infectious disease modelling.
  • Epidemiology
  • Burden estimation
  • TB, particularly in settings with high-HIV prevalence, and population-level TB interventions.
  • TB in children.
  • Individual-based modelling methodologies.
  • Methods for model calibration and uncertainty analysis
  • Cost-effectiveness modelling
  • Global health
Dr Andrew Bell
Personal Webpage

Sheffield Methods Institute

Before moving to Sheffield, Andy was a lecturer at the University of Bristol, where he also completed his undergraduate degree (in Geography) and PhD (in Advanced Quantitative Methods). His current substantive research focuses on mental health from a life course perspective, but also spans a diverse range of other subject areas, including geography, political science, social epidemiology and economics. Methodologically, Andy’s interests are in the development and application of multilevel models, with work focusing on age-period-cohort analysis and fixed and random effects models

Professor Steven Julious
Personal Webpage

School of Health and Related Research
Research interests
  • Clinical trials
  • Clinical trial design
  • Early phase trials
  • Non-inferiority
  • Asthma epidemiology