Researcher Environment

The team's role is to support Faculties and Departments to foster a world-leading researcher environment. 

Three teams comprise the overall team:

Researcher Environment team encompasses 3 teams

Richard Hudson

Richard Hudson

Head of Researcher Environment

0114 222 1448

Doctoral Development team
Supports the University's approach to recruit postgraduate research students (PGRs), which includes development of new PGR programmes.
Supports efforts to ensure all PGRs across the University receive a quality experience, which includes fostering a collaborative university-wide PGR community and supporting Research Supervisors.

Charlotte Williams

Charley Williams

Doctoral Academy Manager

0114 222 21432


Fozia Yasmin

Doctoral Development Officer

0114 222 1403

Cara Hammond

Cara Hammond

Doctoral Support Officer

0114 222 7612

Monday - Thursday

Quality and Research Integrity team
Supports efforts to promote quality rigorous research practices and research cultures that uphold high professional standards.
Research Integrity, Research Ethics, Health Care Governance, Quality assuring the PGR experience.


Lindsay Unwin

Leader of the Quality and Research Integrity team

0114 222 1443

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday


Deborah Roddis

Postgraduate Research Quality Assurance Officer

0114 222

Monday, Tuesday


Anita Kenny

Quality and Operations Officer

0114 222 1400

Researcher Professional Develoment team
To provide THINK AHEAD, “a framework for the continuous professional development of researchers at the University of Sheffield, supporting individual career ambitions in and beyond academia.
To drive institutional change in line with the University’s HR Excellence in Research Award Action plan and underpinned by the ‘Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers’.

Bryony Portsmouth

Leader of the Researcher Professional Development team

0114 222 0990

Monday - Thursday


Dr Kay Guccione

Researcher Mentoring and Coaching Manager

0114 222 1468


Helen Cowen

Researcher Professional Development team Support Officer

0114 222 7438


Sarah Bell

Researcher Development Manager (for Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences)

0114 222 0171


Eunice Lawton

Researcher Development Manager (for Engineering)

0114 222 2164

Lucy Lee

Dr Lucy Lee

Researcher Development Manager (for Medicine, Dentistry and Health)

0114 222 8728


Dr Sandrine Soubes

Researcher Development Manager (for Science)

0114 222 4220


Jane Simm

Careers Advisor

0114 222 0921

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Rachael Roberts

Careers Advisor

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Phon icon 0114 222 0914

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