Workshops for Mentors

It's good ethical professional practice for mentors and coaches to engage with ongoing professional practice development. With input from the Think Ahead mentors across the University of Sheffield, a series of bite-size workshops has been created that can selected to suit your schedule and interests - these are designed to be accessed after an initial practice development session with me.

You said that you'd like to meet with other mentors to learn new skills and techniques, and that you'd prefer the sessions to be short - no more than an hour, and preferably over a lunchtime. The following has been developed to that wish list, and the content has been chosen to reflect common mentor requests.

Contact Kay Guccione to discuss any of the following or make a suggestion.

2016/2017 Workshop Sessions Delivery Details

++ Solutions Focused Mentoring ++ This type of mentoring focuses on the mentee's present situation and future goals rather than their past situations. Learn how to help your mentee define their future possibilities, focusing on their strengths and capabilities to create the steps to achieve it...

"It reminded me that a mentor's job is not to provide solutions but assist others to do find them themselves. Helpful ideas to get around potential conversation stoppers."

Kay Guccione

8th November 2016: 12.30-13.30


++ Coaching for Better Work Relationships ++ This session will cover how you can help your mentee to view themselves as part of a system of person-to-person interactions. It will introduce some simple concepts for understanding what makes some interactions easy and some difficult...

"This session was enlightening for me, even from the first five mins when I spotted an unhelpful relationhsip pattern I am myself experincing in my own work. It also gave me a sense of how to stay better grounded and not end up feeling I am nagging my mentees to achieve."

Kay Guccione

12th January 2017: 12.30-13.30


++ Coaching Stressed People ++ Coaching and mentoring work can mean helping to support people in acute situations at work. This workshop explores how we as coaches can spot signs of stress, and looks at approaches to supporting people suffering stress, covering how we as coaches and mentors keep the relationship disciplined and boundaried, signposting to other sources of support where needed...


Kay Guccione

5th April 2017: 12.30-13.30


++ Coaching through Change and Transitions ++ Coaching is usually based on or around the mentee spotting the need for a change. It could be in developing new knowledge or understanding, making a decision, considering their options, or finding alternative ways of behaving. However, mentees also may find that change is happening that they weren’t ready for or did not want...

"I gained an understanding of how to talk about change in a positive way. The emphasis on 'new beginnings' was a useful concept to be aware of in order to have, as a mentor, a goal to work towards so as to give hope/support to the mentee."

Kay Guccione

5th June 2017: 12.30-13.30


++ Cognitive Behavioural Mentoring ++ This is a form of mentoring/coaching which focuses on challenging errors in thinking by raising self-awareness of the mentee’s thinking patterns and how they in turn influence feelings and behaviours...

"CBT is a simple idea that we may be familiar with from other area of life or work, and it was good to have some time to think about how it might be utilised at work to help mentees understand what's happening for them, and try something new."

Kay Guccione

3rd August 2017: 12.30-13.30


Others in the Series - workshops scheduled in response to interest
++ Using Personality Types with Mentees ++ Understanding more about the way we think and act, is at the centre of professional and career development. This can be useful for understanding work preferences, and working relationships...
CLICK HERE to read more and register your interest.
++ Manager as Coach: using coaching skills with your own team ++ Managing is about telling, directing, authority, immediate needs, and a specific outcome. Coaching involves exploring, facilitating, partnership, long-term improvement, and many possible outcomes. So how can the two be reconciled? CLICK HERE to read more and register your interest.
++ Narrative Coaching ++ Narrative coaching focuses on understanding the stories that people surround themselves with about their role, relationships with other people, and the way the world works. CLICK HERE to read more and register your interest.