Projects funded through the Think Ahead: SURE Scheme

The following projects have received funding from the Think Ahead: SURE scheme and will run during summer 2017. 

Think Ahead: SURE Projects 2017

1. Are C4 grasses better defended against herbivory under drought? – Ruth Wade (APS)
2. How does choice of nesting materials buffer environmental conditions in long-tailed tits (Aegithalos caudatus)? – Caitlin Higgott (APS)
3. Hybridizing C3 and C4 plants to inform crop improvements – Marjorie Lundgren (APS)
4. Investigating the effects of internal leaf architecture and morphology on the drought tolerance of rice – Christopher Hepworth (APS).
5. The effects of dispersal network structure on synchronisation of meta-population dynamics – Daniel Bearup (APS)
6. Unearthing Earth's weathering agents - establishing novel acidobacterial players – Dimitar Epihov (APS)
7. Digging time informative markers in human ancient DNA – Umberto Esposito (APS)
8. Investigating the regulators of E-cadherin endocytosis downstream of p120 catenin – Joshua Greig (BMS)
9. Synthesis and characterisation of a new organic semiconductor for applications in sustainable organic electronics – Oleksandra Korychenska (Chemistry)
10. Investigating attachment methods of CoPt nanoparticles onto titania surfaces – Rosie Jarrald (Chemistry)
11. Synthesis of block copolymer nanoparticles and their use as oil thickeners – Matthew Derry (Chemistry)
12. Fmoc solid phase peptide synthesis compatible pyrazole phosphohistidine analogue – Mehul Makwana (Chemistry)
13. Experimental and numerical investigation of speckle pattern techniques for strain measurement in soft tissue using Digital Image Correlation (DIC) – Paolo Ferraiuoli (IICD)
14. Development of an anthropomorphic phantom for a 3T neonatal MRI scanner – Mari Herigstad (IICD)
15. Investigating the relationship between sperm motility and seminal fluid metabolites – Steven Reynolds (IICD)
16. TWO-TOGETHER: Harnessing 'hormone cycling' and topoisomerase induced DNA breaks to treat prostate cancer – Swagat Ray (MBB)
17. Expression of Selenoprotein P in the ageing brain; association with dementia and oxidative stress – Annabelle Chambers (Neuroscience)
18. Elucidating the role of a potential new therapeutic target to inhibit RAN translation in C9ORF72-ALS-driven neurodegeneration – Lydia Castelli (Neuroscience)
19. Cell death proteins regulating cell fusion in a placental cell line – Sarah Calvert (Oncology & Metabolism)
20. Exploring the 3-Dimensional Structure of Core Collapse Supernovae – Heloise Stevance (Physics & Astronomy)
21. Does children’s quantitative, language, and working memory skills predict performance on different mathematical problems? Andrea Diaz-Barriga Yanez (Psychology)
22. Neural responses to threat in the transition from adolescence to adulthood – Samantha Linton (Psychology)
23. Why do we randomise in clinical trials? Explaining the benefits and requirements to improve recruitment – Jane Candlish (ScHARR)
24. Exploring the experiences of participants in care home research – Louise Newbould (ScHARR)

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