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Our dedicated team work closely with academic staff, postgraduate research students and early career researchers to share information, provide training and join up the support that is available to you.

We offer advice on everything from organising a research contract to creating greater impact with your work. If you're a research student, we'll also help you find the training and support you need to develop your career.

Latest news

New Sheffield NIHR Biomedical Research Centre announced for translational neurosciences

We recently received the great news that the bid to create a new Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) in Sheffield was successful with funding of £4,049,681 to be awarded over 5 years from April 2017. The BRC Executive Group will soon begin the contractual negotiations with NIHR to initiate our programme of research in Translational Neuroscience for Chronic Neurological Disorders.

These negotiations will serve to galvanize our operational set-up of exciting developments such as a PET-MRI facility and the installation of a digital infrastructure for communal data management across research projects. These major developments are essential for the advancement and acceleration of research across the whole University and STHNFT, extending the good news of a BRC beyond the realms of neurology.

Sheffield receives investment in clinical research facilities

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of 23 NHS organisations to receive funding for specialist research nurses and new facilities to support clinical research and trials. The £123 million investment,  awarded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) following a competitive application and assessment process, will be provided over the next 5 years with Sheffield set to receive around £3m.

Did you know?

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Research strategy

Neil HarrisWorks with individual research leaders & funders to gather intelligence and provide strategic and practical application support.

Contact: Dr Neil Harris

tell 0114 22 27439

Research development

Rachel Dwyer Provides information and advice on funding opportunities as well as strategic and practical support for applications.

Contact: Rachel Dwyer

tell 0114 22 21437


FlintSupports the costing and submission of research grant applications and provides advice on eligibility criteria.

Contact: Andrew Flint

tell 0114 22 21454

Cost a grant ..

Departmental staff

Find a comprehensive list of departmental contacts who can provide subject specific support. They can help you by finding estimated costs for your proposal, assisting with the preparation of bids or proof reading applications.


Departmental Support


Richard SeniorEvaluation, protection and commercialisation of University Intellectual Property. Also helps develop relations with external partners and industry.                                                                         

Contact: Dr Richard Senior                                            

tell 0114 22 27623


PursallDrafts, reviews and negotiates contracts to support your research and innovation related activity.                              

Contact: Kathryn Pursall

tell 0114 22 21424

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Doctoral development

Charlotte WilliamsSupport the Doctoral Development Programme, the Graduate Research Centre and the development of the new PGR programmes.

Contact: Charlotte Williams

Phon icon 0114 22 21432


GeereOffers groups workshops or presentations on issues surrounding impact. Helps departments develop an impact strategy.  

Contact: Sarah Geere

tell 0114 22 27435

Cliona_BOYLEWorks across the HEI sector and with funders to gather intelligence on Impact and provide advice to support the development of Impact Strategies.

Contact: Cliona Boyle

Phon icon 0114 22 27449

Capital assets

LayProvides information and advice to support the development of strategic capital equipment applications and capital development plans.

Contact: Charlotte Lay

tell 0114 22 21418

Quality & governance

UnwinOffers assistance with the quality assurance of research degrees, research ethics & integrity, and PGR regulations.                                         

Contact: Lindsay Unwin

tell 0114 22 21443 

Research degrees

Laura_STANLEYOffers advice and guidance on time limits, changes to personal circumstances, academic progress, thesis preparation & submission.

Contact: Dr Laura Stanley

tell 0114 22 21426

Working hours Mon 10.30am-5pm, Tues-Fri 11am-5pm

Researcher professional development

Lucy LeeSupporting the professional development of PGRs and Research Staff through the Think Ahead framework - a range of experiential learning opportunities, careers guidance and mentoring.

Contact: Lucy Lee

tell 0114 22 28728

EU and large project implementation

IsaacWorks across professional services and with Faculties to support the implementation of EU, large and/or strategically important research awards.

Contact: Andrew Isaac

Phon icon 0114 22 21338

Interdisciplinary Research

KnightSupport and stimulate interdisciplinary and cross-faculty projects of all sizes including Futures 2022 Activities.

Contact: Mel Bradford (nee Knight)

tell 0114 22 21401

Research Finance

For help setting up research accounts, please speak to Research Finance. They are a specialist team within the Department of Finance which supports the research activity of the University. Their primary responsibility is claiming research income from research sponsors.

Biomedical Research

Managing a raAlex Wilkinsonnge of cross-faculty translational projects funded by MRC, Wellcome and NIHR. Provides pre/post award support to the PIs and contributes towards project management.

Contact: Alex Wilkinson

tell 0114 22 27447


Contact: Dr Evy De Leenheer

Phon icon 0114 22 22891


European funding

HughesProvides advice on collaborative research and networking opportunities under Horizon 2020 and support for applications. Based in Barber House

Contact: Graham Hughes

tell 0114 22 28743

BBSRC funding

ManghamProvides information and advice on BBSRC funding opportunities as well as strategic and practical support for applications.

Contact: Claire Mangham

tell 0114 22 27434


Online contracts tracker

This online database allows you to track the progress of research related agreements which are under review by the Pricing & Contracts team. Use the link below to track your agreements.

Contracts Tracker

Online ethics review

A new online ethics review system has now been implemented and is being used by the vast majority of departments. The system allows the review process to be tracked by users, providing greater transparency. It also reduces paperwork and records approvals, providing a clearer audit path.